5 Companies with Great Corporate Culture

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Corporations That Have Outstanding Cultures

  • Google
  • Ernst and Young
  • Facebook
  • Goosehead Insurance
  • Netflix

When it comes to high employee retention rates, they tend to be found in entities that create an ideal corporate culture. This comes as no surprise given that most employees would prefer spending their time at a company that facilitates an engaging, responsible, and professional environment. Here are five examples of organizations that achieved a desired corporate culture.

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1. Google

Every conversation aimed at business culture usually starts with Google. And rightly so. This technological giant has been a long-time pioneer of personable and unique corporate behavior that is unparalleled by any other. For instance, employees have access to everything from on-site gyms to completely free and unlimited meals. Thus, they will save an enormous amount of money by simply spending more time at their corporate campus where all the work is done. In addition, they get to build friendships with associates while completing exciting projects.

2. Ernst and Young

Although a rich corporate culture may sound like an oxymoron when paired with an accounting firm, Ernst and Young proves it is possible. As one of the Big Four accounting companies, one of their underlying objectives revolves around diversity and equal opportunity. In fact, they encourage employees to get involved with the community by offering free money to start interest groups and help promote a cause. Also, they are the only large accounting firm to implement a policy letting new moms and dads take 16 fully paid weeks for parental leave.

3. Facebook

While Facebook has definitely seen better days in terms of negative publicity, it remains one of the top five companies when ranked by culture. They describe this as “hacker” culture in order to incentivize employees to constantly strive for innovation and improvement. Also, they ask all of their employees to try and resolve problems on their own before ever reaching out to management. Such an approach echoes independence and trust that helps developers unlock their full potential. In addition, Facebook usually utilizes small teams to help employees bond and join forces towards reaching a shared aspiration.

4. Goosehead Insurance

According to Market Watch magazine, Goosehead Insurance was recently ranked as the number one company in terms of culture. This was a byproduct of its high-performing atmosphere that combines factors such as profit maximization with an appropriate amount of sustainability. In addition, the corporate office requests that employees work directly with actual franchisees in order to ensure that customer service is up to par. Moreover, they made tangible action to promote causes such as equal pay and female advancement within a predominantly male industry.

5. Netflix

As the final organization on the list of businesses with a great corporate atmosphere, Netflix showcases an outstanding way to break away from the Silicon Valley stereotype. First, unlike most of their competitors in the tech sphere, they do not seek and immediately hire genius employees. Instead, they value applicants on their work ethic and dedication to improvement. Then, they combine them in large teams that promote integrity, selflessness, inclusion, innovation, curiosity, and more. Second, Netflix promotes based on how well people hold up said values and not solely on project completion percentages or efficiency.

Some other great ways to promote a welcoming workplace and minimize employee turnover is to constantly ask for feedback and be open to constructive criticism. These five companies create an exceptional corporate culture through their efforts to help employees feel appreciated and valued.