Can I Become a HR Professor with an MBA in Human Resources?

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Are you interested in learning how to become a human resources professor? If you have always dreamed of becoming a professor at a higher learning institution, the first step is deciding the field you would like to specialize in. If you already possess a degree in HR or you are interested in pursuing this vast field, the next step is earning a degree that will qualify you for open faculty positions with respected business schools. There are plenty of different paths you can take to enter into the education sector of HR after you have worked in the corporate world. If you are planning to enroll in an MBA program that concentrates on Human Resources, find out if this will help you fulfill the faculty qualifications so that you can become an instructor as quickly as possible.

The Importance of Your Undergraduate Degree

If you would like to become an HR professor, the first step is to earn your Bachelor’s degree in the discipline that you would like to teach. When you are in an undergraduate program, it is very important to earn good grades to show graduate and doctoral programs that you have the potential to succeed within the discipline. You must realize that universities want to hire professors in every field that love to learn and love the educational environment. If you cannot show that you can excel while you are a student, taking a program that qualifies you to teach students like yourself in the future can be difficult.

Completing a Graduate-level degree Program

One you graduate from a Bachelor’s degree program, the next step to becoming an HR professor is to enroll yourself in a Master’s program or Doctoral program. Typically, universities require professors to possess a doctoral degree and an expertise within the field before they will be considered for an open position. While an MBA concentrating in HR is a graduate-level degree, this is not the typical path you would take for positions in the educational sector. Rather than taking a Master of Business Administration program, which focuses on preparing you to become a leader in a corporate environment, you should take a Master’s program in HR where credits can be used towards your doctoral degree.

A Master’s in Human Resources may be enough to land you a teaching position at a two-year college, but if you would like to teach at a 4-year college or a very respected institution, you will need a terminal doctoral degree in the discipline. Rather than enrolling in a MBA program, you would be best off earning your Ph.D. so that you can complete a dissertation that requires you to think critically about the field.

Once you earn your Master’s, it is a good idea to start gaining work experience as a teaching assistant so that you see what it is like to lead a classroom. When you are working as a teaching assistant, you can earn money to put towards school while you are gaining that invaluable experience. After you have your Master’s or your doctoral degree, you can apply for positions as an adjunct professor before you land a regular full-fledged position. Now that you have the answers to the question how to become a human resources professor, it is time to earn your degree.

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