5 Great Podcasts About Organizational Change and Development

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Podcasts That Promote Organizational Change

  • Influence Change at Work
  • The Future of Work Podcast With Jacob Morgan
  • Kicking Boxes Podcast
  • InvestHuman
  • Crucial Talks Podcast

These podcasts about organizational change offer advice about creating a flexible and transformational workplace, which can determine the success of any business. Anyone from human resource professionals, CEOs, managers, and hourly staff can play a part by becoming a leader and an innovator. But, it is up to the entire team to embrace new strategies, technologies, and social interactions to move forward.

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1. Influence Change At Work

From the point of view of the average worker, this podcast focuses on how employees can embrace as well as create change through communication to understand and influence management decision making. It also discusses common problems associated with workplace relationships among peers and bosses. This includes finding a balance between work and personal life while learning how to handle shifting environments. Employees can become a leader by knowing what can and cannot be changed then motivate others to follow their lead.

2. The Future of Work Podcast With Jacob Morgan

Adapting to change in a fast-changing world is essential to have a reliable career. In this organizational change podcast, Jacob Morgan reveals the reasons why employees need to embrace workplace transformation. Staying ahead of new technology, like automation and data analytics, can create job security. It also discusses new roles, tools, and collaboration efforts. The gap between high-tech jobs of millennials and traditional positions of baby boomers creates tension. According to Entrepreneur.com, 74% of millennials believe technology aids their career while only 18% of baby boomers hold the same belief.

3. Kicking Boxes Podcast

Consisting of interviews from nonconformist leaders across the globe, the podcasts sheds light on the need to challenge the status quo of business operations. Part of organizational development involves leaders who “kick boxes,” which means they are willing to place themselves in all areas of their industry to see where improvements need to be made. People share their personal experiences of how they expanded their knowledge and improved operations, from safety to performance, simple by placing themselves out of the norm.

4. InvestHuman

Going back to the basics of humanity, hosts discuss the importance of worker comfort to the progression and survival of any industry. Creating an inclusive and inviting environment promotes productivity and longevity. This podcast highlights ways to create a satisfying workplace through cooperative training, mindfulness, and authenticity. It also focuses on human emotion and how it plays a large role in how coworkers interact with one another. These emotions can be used to solve problems by learning from one another to change and development an office in a positive way.

5. Crucial Talks Podcast

This podcast utilizes psychology and sociology to understand how people interact with each other in the workplace. Organizational change becomes easier when everyone is on the same page and can all have equal input. Topics focus on individual identity and how that it can be lost in group situations when discipline over discussion is used to drive a business. Leaders learn about the consequences of their decisions that do not include collaboration and team efforts.

Developing relationships with employees as a leader can be a strategy for implementing change without negatively affecting operations. These podcasts about organizational change keep companies aware of trends that make them relevant and compliant with the needs of the industry and its workforce.