5 Podcasts About Corporate Culture

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5 Podcasts For Creating a Strong Corporate Culture

  • Awesome Office
  • The Culture Chat Podcast
  • Hired.
  • HBR IdeaCast
  • TalentCulture

Corporate culture describes the personality of a company, both how the employees act as well as how they relate to customers, and guidance for businesses of all ages can be found in podcasts about corporate culture. Some indicators of an organization’s culture include the dress code, schedule flexibility, turnover rates, and design of the office. Another big indicator is how customers feel about their experiences. According to Forbes, consciously shaping their culture is one of the best things companies can do to assure long-term success. This consists of defining their values and then ensuring that all other decisions are compatible. Only recently did companies really begin paying attention to this aspect of business, and some popular related podcasts include the following.

1. Awesome Office

This podcast is run by the Association of Workplace Engagement, or AWE, and is published by author Jeff Murphy. About three times a month, he does the show with a guest, and they discuss topics related to corporate culture and employee engagement. Some episodes are more relevant to startups, but others are focused on established companies. Themes include anything from employee branding to office design to new research on motivation.

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2. The Culture Chat Podcast

WorkXO is a tech company that offers a platform for using data points to objectively analyze the characteristics of a company’s culture. They also publish a new episode of their podcast, The Culture Chat, once or twice a month and primarily discuss corporate culture as it relates to technology. In some episodes, guests discuss obstacles to success like fear in the workplace and resistance to change and how a cultural shift can overcome these obstacles.

3. Hired.

In its third season, Hired is a podcast discussing corporate culture that is hosted by Cameron Moll, the founder of Authentic Jobs, a tech job board. In each episode, he brings on a guest with experience in management and employee satisfaction. Since the selection of employees drives the culture, they talk about topics like whether technical or creative skills are more important in a new-hire or the effects that diversity has during the hiring process. They also focus on employee work-life, including the challenges and benefits of working remotely.

4. HBR IdeaCast

Hosted by Harvard Business Review, this weekly show is roughly a half an hour long and mixes corporate culture in with other business, management, and leadership topics for businesses of any age. Many of their episodes introduce recent survey data or new developments in research followed by a description of the practical applications of this information. Some of the most popular issues discussed relate to employee job satisfaction, recruiting, and hiring.

5. TalentCulture

Meghan Biro began the TalentCulture site as a way to discuss trends in human resources and recruitment, and she also publishes a podcast that focuses on corporate culture development. With her background recruiting and hiring professionals in the tech industry, she has a reputation for introducing new ideas about work and the workplace. She puts all of this in her podcast with a new episode every Wednesday.

Whether a new employee or manager, everyone at an organization affects its culture. When hiring, professional qualifications are not the only factor. It is important, also, to make sure the applicant is a good fit for the workplace. These and other topics are covered in the above podcasts about corporate culture.

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