5 Benefits of SHRM Certification

Today’s SHRM Certifications: Five Reasons to Get One

  • Proof of Relevant Knowledge
  • Enhanced Skill Base
  • Employer-Minded Certifications
  • Universal Applicability
  • Unquestionable Certification Source

The Society for Human Resource Management, or SHRM for short, is a leading representative and authoritative force in the human resources industry today. In that role, the organization offers a number of excellent, respected, and sometimes even necessary certification accolades which can be earned by those who are qualified. Why should anyone strive to earn an SHRM certification? Here are five, powerful reasons worth noting.

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1. Proof of Relevant Knowledge

By earning a SHRM certification, recipients have effectively proven the retention of a top-grade and very current knowledge-base in human resource work. The SHRM itself tracks and takes part in all emerging, industry-leading news and methods, and that then translates to the group’s certification offerings. These are not yesteryear’s credentials, but highly relevant and cutting-edge HR credentials for today’s business world.

2. Enhanced Skill Base

Within the actual material taught and tested in a SHRM certification is some very valuable information, as touched on above. To that end, highly practical skills and knowledge are particularly imparted by SHRM certifications. These skills are applicable in not only day-to-day situations but also in extraordinary and unexpected scenarios.

3. Employer-Minded Certifications

SHRM certification recipients also can be assured that the organization’s certification opportunities have all been modeled after the exact most useful traits and skillsets that real-life employers want and need. That’s because the HR industry actually helped to craft these certification programs. Over 35,000 professionals inside and outside of the SHRM have been said to have provided some level of input in certification course design here.

4. Universal Applicability

When recipients earn their SHRM certifications, they earn certifications that are recognized completely across all professions and industries. Holders of these certifications can utilize these credentials for any number of opportunities for the remaining lives of their careers. Proven proficiency through a top-rated HR organization never dies or loses applicability in the professional realm.

5. Unquestionable Certification Source

Finally, many certifications out there come via questionable or often unheard-of sources. This is not the case with SHRM. Being the leading human resource organization in the US, there is no debating the source of this credentialing. Nearly seven decades of representation and over 300,000 members across the globe make SHRM an irrefutable source of learned HR knowledge if there ever was one.

When it comes to leading representative forces in the human resource industry today, the SHRM is arguably the very top stop. Those associated with this organization in virtually any way can stand to benefit greatly. This is particularly true of those in receipt of any HR certifications from the esteemed group. In conclusion, for those seeking even more information on the Society for Human Resource Management or any of its certification opportunities, the organization’s certification webpage is a great place to follow up further.

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