How Can I Get a Job as a Corporate Trainer?

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corporate-trainerFor someone who enjoys working in a corporate environment, but also would like to help to educate people or improve someone’s career, becoming a corporate trainer could be a great career choice. A corporate trainer is an individual who helps train employees to complete a wide variety of tasks. They are at times hired directly by large corporations, but may also be hired by consulting firms and other companies that will provide third-party training services to smaller companies. For those that are looking to become a corporate trainer, there are several tips and steps that should be followed.

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Consider the Field to Train In

The first step to becoming a corporate trainer is to consider the field that you want to train in. Corporate trainers are hired by people in a wide range of fields. Some of the most common fields that corporate trainers are used in are accounting, marketing, sales, finance, and education. Before you start working to getting a job in corporate training, you should first consider which one of those fields interests you the most.

Education Required for Corporate Training Jobs

Another step to follow to get a job as a corporate trainer is to get your education. In order to get a job as a corporate trainer, you will likely need at least a bachelor’s degree. However, many training and management positions will want to see that you have a master’s degree, or even a higher level of education. Those who are looking to get a job in corporate training should focus their education on a degree path that is related to the field that they want to work in. However, coupling any degree with a degree in human resources management would also be helpful.

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Focus on Communication Skills

While you are in school, and after you have graduated, you should also focus on your public communications skills if you want to get a job as a corporate trainer. Corporate trainers have to spend a lot of time speaking in front of large groups. While you may not necessarily need to have a degree in communications, you should look for opportunities to improve your public speaking skills. This could be achieved by either taking a public speaking course or by joining an organization, such as Toastmasters International, where you can practice your public speaking in front of groups of people.

Get an Entry Level Job

Another step to getting a job as a corporate trainer would be to get a job as an assistant trainer. Assistant trainers are normally highly involved in planning training sessions, organizing the event, and helping out during the training session. When working as an assistant trainer, you will also gain the skills and experience necessary to be a trainer in the future. Ultimately, with your skills and experience, you will qualify to work as a full-time trainer.


In conclusion, anyone that would like to work in a corporate environment, but would also like to have a position in which they can teach people and help develop careers, becoming a corporate trainer could be a great career option. Those who are looking to become a corporate trainer should follow several different steps and tips, which will help them to get a job as a corporate trainer.