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Enrolling in an online master’s in human resources in Arizona program is a great way to advance your career and increase your earnings in the future. Online programs have a number of benefits that traditional programs do not, including letting you continue working in a job that you love and letting you do work for school whenever you want. Some students work in their pajamas while watching television in their living rooms, but other students work when they have time off from their full-time jobs or when their kids are asleep. Arizona offers several programs that might be a good fit for you.

Argosy University

Argosy University is one of the top choices for students looking at online master’s in human resources in Arizona program. This fully accredited program is suitable for those who already work as human resource professionals and those who want to get started in this industry. As an online program, there is no residency requirement, and you will never need to visit the university in person or take any classes on its campus. You’ll learn about the disciplines within HR, including hiring practices, ethics and legal standards, compensation packages and how to handle issues relating to abuse, bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Online Master of Science (MS) Degree in Human Resource Management

Completing the Online Master of Science (MS) Degree in Human Resource Management that Argosy University offers is easy because you only need to take 10 courses that are worth a total of 30 credits. Three of those classes are part of the management core and focus specifically on issues relating to managers like financial practices, economic practices and accounting practices. You’ll take a capstone class in your final semester on the functional contribution to organizational success. The other six courses that you take are part of the HR management core and include employment law and public policy, talent management and applications in training and development.


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Ottawa University-Phoenix

Ottawa University is one of the best choices for adult and professional students because the university offers programs designed for nontraditional learners. Whether you took an extended break from college to work on your career or took a break from work to raise a family, the university offers resources that will help you succeed in your classes. Depending on which of the online master’s in human resources in Arizona programs you choose, you may have the chance to sit for an exam that grants you national certification when you pass, which will make you more appealing to future employers.

Master of Arts in Human Resources

One of the online programs that Ottawa University-Phoenix offers is a Master of Arts in Human Resources. This program prepares you for working as a specialist in employee relations, job placements or employee benefits. You can choose a concentration in leadership management or health care management, but no matter which concentration you choose, you will need to take 11 required classes. Classes on employment law and training and development teach you the basics of training new workers and following government hiring laws. You’ll also take courses on current trends and issues in human resources management and the management of HR costs.

Master in MBA-MAHR Dual Degree

The dual MBA-MAHR degree program that Ottawa University offers is a little unique because it requires that you complete at least 66 credits of work in the MBA program as well as the human resource management program. You can still pick one of the concentrations available in the standard MAHR program, but you will need to take a number of MBA classes before you can graduate. Ottawa University recommends that students finish one program before starting the second. Classes in this dual degree program include value systems and professional ethics, organizational behavior and theory and applied case studies in human resources.

Master of Business Administration: Human Resources Concentration

If you like the idea of the dual degree program but do not want to spend so much time in college, you may find the MBA program that Ottawa University offers more appealing. This MBA program lets you pick a concentration in human resources and study both subjects while still finishing your degree in two years or less. You’ll take six MBA classes over two modules and then take a capstone class in your last semester. Finishing this program also requires that you take two human resources courses. The university offers courses on employment law, benefits administration, recruitment and placement and planning and administration.


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Enrolling in an online program can help you save time and even save some money because the classes are generally more affordable. The online master’s in human resources in Arizona program are perfect for working professionals, stay at home parents and students who want to work in the business world.

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