entry level hr positions

After completing an education program in human resources, the next step for many graduates is to pursue postings for entry level human resources jobs. The human resources field is multi-faceted and diverse, allowing for future professionals to look for a number of different types of positions to get started in this career.

Payroll Management

In large corporations, national or global non-profit organizations, and government agencies in particular, payroll can be a large portion of the duties to be completed by a human resources department. Often, entry level positions in human resources are associated with payroll, with employees who are able to process time cards, supervise vacation and sick day requests, and administer other functions of salary and hourly wages such as wage or hour changes.

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Benefits Management

In addition to payroll, human resources professionals handle the administration of benefits for employees at every level of an organization. An assistant in this area of the department will handle insurance enrollments, 401K plans, and other types of benefits offered by a company. This includes unemployment and disability insurance as well, and it sometimes requires professionals to coordinate and work with other agencies.


Ongoing training is important in all types of industries. From safety guidelines to operations of new processes or equipment, this requires the continued training of employees throughout an organization. To ensure that training is delivered appropriately and documented as needed, human resources departments will typically oversee planning, developing, and administering training sessions and materials. Entry level positions in this area allow for employees to assist in each of these functions.

Employment Management

Organizations of all sizes manage employees, from hiring to termination. Assistants in employment management of a human resources department will develop and manage job postings, screen resumes and cover letters, call for reference and background checks, assist in employee evaluations, and other similar job functions.

Organizational Culture

An increasingly important part of many companies is developing programs that are designed to promote a positive environment of a company and improve employee satisfaction. As an assistant for managing organizational culture, a human resources employee might plan company picnics, employee appreciation events, and manage contests or dissemination of free event tickets and other similar incentives. In some cases, this area of the profession might also include handling employee complaints for everything from working conditions to harassment.

General Human Resources Assistant

In a general human resources position, which is likely to be found in smaller to mid-sized organizations, entry level employees will often be tasked with everything from payroll and training to developing programs in organizational culture.

The types of entry level positions a company or organization has available in a human resources department is dependent on factors such as location, size, and organizational structure. Whichever path a human resources professional chooses to pursue, the opportunities for gaining experience and knowledge in entry level human resources jobs ensures a solid foundation for continuing to be successful in this career field.

Source: http://www.humanresources.org