How Can SHRM Certification Help Me Further My HR Career?

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Human Resource Managers and other professionals in the field can propel their careers with an SHRM Certification. The Society for Human Resource Management is a professional association that strives to help the field of HR advance by offering resources to professional members and the opportunity for advancement through the certification process. Since there is more than one certification to choose from, SHRM members at any level of their career can find a way to further their career in many different ways.

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What Types of Certifications Are Available?

There is a SHRM-CP and a SHRM-SCP certification available through the society. The SHRM-CP Certified Professional credential is for professionals who play a part in implementing policies and strategies and who perform operational functions in an organization’s HR department. To be eligible for the CP credential, professionals can apply with an AA, a BA, or an MA as long as they meet the experiential requirements. Anyone with less than a Bachelor’s will need at least 3 years of HR experience before they can test.

The SHRM-SCP Senior Certified Professional credential is more geared towards HR professionals who develop strategy and who lead the HR functions in the organization. They set organizational goals and also analyze data to set future goals based on the current metrics. Anyone with less than a Bachelor’s degree needs 6 years of experience in HR, with graduate-level professionals requiring 3 years.

Advancement by Demonstrating Knowledge

In college, students are expected to study the material, complete class assignments, have classroom discussions, write papers, and earn acceptable if not exceptional grades on quizzes, tests, and finals. After school is over, professionals aren’t typically tested on what though know even though the years of college are all in preparation for the future.

By earning an SHRM Certification through the Society for Human Resource Management, professionals are able to demonstrate their competency and knowledge by taking a test and performing well on it. Since the tests cover comprehensive competencies that could be relevant globally and across industries, having this certification can be beneficial for anyone with HR experience who is looking to propel their future in different regions or even in different industries in the future.

Moving Into Leadership

According to the SHRM, more than 5000 employers that are members of the society are actively looking for certified professionals to hire. The field of HR has advanced in the last decade. More and more professionals ion the field play a role in developing a strategy as opposed to just doing what was once seen as administrative functions.

Because there’s a shift in the role of the HR professional, employers are looking for the most talented and driven professionals to hire. One way to spot talent and drive is to find potential leaders and current leaders who have already become certified through SHRM. Since their tests are accredited through the Buros Center for Testing, credentials are universally applicable.

Prepping for a certification in HR is crucial. Just like any test, how a student performs on this test could really impact their entire future. Using practice questions and study resources is a must before applying to sit for the exam. Once students test their knowledge on competencies and strategic topics areas, they can know if they are confident to test for their SHRM certification and propel their career in human resources.