Online Master’s in Human Resources in Arkansas

Though you might think that you don’t have enough time in the week to go to college, an online master’s in human resources in Arkansas let you earn your degree without taking time away from your family or job.

Human resources professionals are those who work in the HR departments of major businesses and organizations. They help fill open positions within those employers and handle the interviewing of candidates as well as the advertising of those jobs. HR workers typically develop all the skills they need and learn about the ethics and laws they need to follow through college and university programs.

Strayer University

You may know the name Strayer University because it is in charge of one of the world’s largest chains of for-profit university campuses. Founded in 1892 as a small business school, it offered accounting classes and other classes that taught students practical skills that helped them start their careers. The first branch opened in Baltimore, but its founder opened a second campus a few years later in Washington DC. It continued expanding and opening other campuses all across the nation before adopting the name Strayer University. Strayer now has more than 40,000 students taking classes on its regional campuses as well as through its online system.

Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management

One of the best and only options for getting an online master’s in human resources in Arkansas is with the program that Strayer University offers. Its Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management is a type of blended learning program. If you live near one of its campuses in Arkansas, you can actually take one or more of your classes on that campus, but you can also take all classes without every stepping foot on a campus. There is both a general program available as well as an HR program with a concentration in human resource and organizational development. This second program is best for those who want to organize new HR departments and help existing departments run more effectively. Strayer lets you customize the program based on your own career goals and needs. You can take classes on contemporary business issues, leadership and organizational behavior, managing human resource projects and ethics and advocacy for human resource professionals.


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An HR degree can help you run your own business, work for a major corporation or tackle a position in the nonprofit sector. To learn everything you need to know about when working in the HR field, consider this online master’s in human resources in Arkansas.