What is the Society for Human Resource Management?

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For anyone interested in learning about the foremost representative organization in the modern world of human resources work, the Society for Human Resource Management, or SHRM for short, is that very organization. What does this organization do exactly, and what is its history? Follow along for the rundown of today’s leading HR organization, the SHRM.

Organizational Overview and History

The human resource sector’s top organization, the SHRM, boasts over 300,000 members in 165 countries and is the foremost authority on human resource training, industry news, certification credentials, HR information and resources, networking connections in the HR industry, and much more. The American Society for Personnel Administration was the organization’s first name when it started in 1948, but that changed to the current name in 1989. In recent times, the SHRM even became known as the twelfth largest professional association in the entire United States. Through name changes and changes in time and technology alike, the group has never wavered in its mission to provide the human resource industry with a central point of leading, professional representation.

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Lobby and Research Work

In the name of the SHRM’s organizational mission, lobby and research work are top mechanisms for advancement. By way of research, the organization maintains a top role in human resource research and knowledge through various ongoing initiatives. The SHRM’s Survey Research Center is its main divisional arm in charge of research efforts. As to the group’s lobby work, there is also much to be said. The SHRM stays active in lobby efforts and has been at the head of the virtual lobbying spear in many legislative actions past such as changes to the Family and Medical Leave Act, opposition to Fair Labor Standards Overtime regulations, and the forging of an official disability services alliance with the US Department of Labor.

Academic Alliances

The SHRM acts as a leading source of education as well as a partner for other top sources of HR-related academia. Aside from providing a whole host of educational resources, the SHRM also provides numerous certification programs for those seeking official accolades of merit in the HR industry. In recent times, the organization has even begun partnering with universities outside of the US, such as the University of Dubai, in order to provide further access to HR education across the globe.

Organization Events

Again in reverberation with its many other efforts in HR, the SHRM also facilitates numerous educational and networking events throughout the calendar year each year. Some of the SHRM’s annual events include:

  • The SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition
  • The Employment Law & Legislative Conference
  • The Leadership Development Forum
  • The Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Exposition
  • The Talent Management Conference & Exposition

The Society for Human Resource Management is an important American and even international force in the vast world of HR today. For those in search of additional information, the Society for Human Resource Management website is an excellent place with which to inquire further.

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