5 Blogs About Business Ethics

When you’re studying to get your degree in business ethics, you might have entered the program with the common belief that doing the right thing can also help you earn more profits for your company. However, you can’t forget the fiduciary responsibility that you’ll have to your company and shareholders after you graduate and land your dream job. Sometimes you must decide which sacrifices to make to keep making money without losing your integrity or reputation. The following five blogs on business ethics are the best resources in 2016 for tackling these tough issues wisely, and they’ll help you write incredible essays too.

1. Study Business Ethics Highlights.

For some of the most interesting business-ethics debates in today’s news with insightful commentaries, this website ranks as one of the best. Curated by two professors, Chris MacDonald and Alexei Marcoux, peruse the latest news on hot topics in business ethics among industries like pharmacology, sports and even app development. Author Chris MacDonald, Ph.D., teaches at the Ted Rogers School of Management on the staff of Ryerson University.

Read it at BusinessEthicsHighlights.com.

2. Browse the Business Ethics Blog with Chuck Gallagher.

For more personal experiences and in-depth, thought-provoking interviews, Chuck’s blog is sure to please. Chuck Gallagher is a COO with previous experience as a senior vice president of sales and marketing, and he’s appeared on CNN, CBS and NPR radio programs. He shares real-world consequences of pivotal business decisions here and in his book “Second Chances: Transforming Adversity into Opportunity.”

Read his blog at www.chuckgallagher.com/blog/.

3. Assess tough scenarios on the Workplace Ethics Advice blog.

Dealing with ethics in accounting is one area of business that gets a lot of scrutiny, and rightfully so. Here, Professor of Accounting and Doctor Steven Mintz from the California Polytechnic State University discusses topics like the treacherous dilemmas of accounting ethics amidst some of the top international auditing firms like Ernst & Young, Deloitte and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. He’s also published two books specifically on accounting ethics. You can submit questions to him as well on the most difficult topics you encounter in class.

Read this blog at www.WorkplaceEthicsAdvice.com.

4. Browse through the online edition of Business Ethics: The Magazine of Corporate Responsibility.

Run by the private company New Mountain Media LLC in New York, expert Michael Connor has maintained this valuable resource on ethics for more than 20 years. This publication started in 1987 as a magazine available in quarterly print issues, and now it’s solely an online publication. Here he releases polls, recent court cases and keeps a list of insightful books to read on the developing trends of business marketing and other topics with ethical concerns.

To learn more about how understanding corporate ethics is critical due to its massive influence on society, read his work and references at Business-Ethics.com/.

5. Explore the Business Ethics section of The Huffington Post.

A quickly changing collection of stories from the blogs of some of the top experts in business ethics today, The Huffington Post’s Business Ethics section is a must-read for all business students. Some examples of their latest stories include pieces on subjects like purposeful service learning and how to boost your ROI without “selling out.” Their featured authors include Associate Dean of the College of Business Administration in Pittsburgh Audrey J. Murrell and CEO of Marmalade Fish Samie Al-Achrafi.

Read it at www.HuffingtonPost.com/news/business-ethics/.

These five blogs address the evolving tensions of executives to handle the joint burdens of business ethics and corporate social responsibility in great depth. Of course, only people can have ethics, not companies themselves, which is why top authors like Seth Godin say, “‘I just work here’ is the worst sort of ethical excuse.” Therefore, use these tools to sharpen your decision-making skills wisely in preparation for your management career.

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