SHRM Aligned Masters in Human Resources Programs in the District of Columbia

The District of Columbia is also known as Washington, D.C. and it is our nation’s capital. Not really a state, it is a special district located between Maryland and Virginia. It has its own city government, but no county or state governments, as it is one lone city. However, as a special district, it still gets non-voting representation in Congress and three electoral votes for presidential elections. The District of Columbia is home to the White House, the Capitol Building, the Pentagon, and many well-known national landmarks. It is also home to bustling urban residential areas and several world-class universities.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the governing organization for universities that have Human Resource Management degree programs. While it is not necessary for a school to have backing from SHRM to award Human Resource Management degrees, there are benefits to attending schools that have programs that are aligned with the guidelines of SHRM. Having these guidelines in place in a school’s Human Resource Management degree program means that the school is teaching what is important in the field today, making sure students understand how jobs in the field work in the real world, and are fully prepared for professional employment upon graduation. Read on for details about SHRM Aligned Masters in Human Resources Degree Programs in the District of Columbia.

Strayer University

School of Business

The School of Business at Strayer University has a modern curriculum designed to teach students about the global arena in which businesses operate today. The goal of the school is for students to develop and refine their skills in managing global markets and/or running their own businesses. The courses in all programs in the school place a strong focus on decision-making, critical thinking skills, analytical skills, and good written and verbal communication skills. These are all skills that are demanded by business employers today. The school keeps up with current trends in what employers want in their employees and constantly refines its curriculum to reflect this. Graduates of the school work for companies of all sizes in all sectors around the world and some even become successful entrepreneurs.

Master of Science in Human Resource Management, with a concentration in Human Resource Generalist

The Human Resource Management (MSHRM) degree with Human Resource Generalist concentration gives students what they need to build fulfilling careers working with the people in business organizations. As people are any business’s most important asset, managing them as a Human Resource Generalist is a key part of keeping a business working smoothly.

This degree program has several important learning outcomes. The most important is learning leadership skills. Students will also learn methods for attracting and retaining the most talented employees. Learning how to build a global workforce is an important learning outcome for students who will work with global companies. Facilitating good labor relations and developing desirable compensation packages are both part of the program, as is learning how to measure employee productivity and performance. Analyzing ROI on employees is also included in this program. Classes are held online and in traditional classroom settings to meet the needs of each student.

Master of Science in Human Resource Management, with a concentration in Organizational & Human Resource Development

The Master of Science in Human Resource Management degree with Human Resource and Organizational Development concentration helps students learn to work with the people within a business’s organizational structure and to shape that structure to help the business run more smoothly while making its most valuable assets—its employees—as happy as possible in their jobs. Classes are offered both online and in traditional classroom settings to meet the unique needs of each student.

Key learning outcomes in this program include creating corporate learning cultures, creating and implementing employee development programs, measuring the learning taking place in those programs, and learning to initiate organizational change and put it into practice. Developing critical thinking skills is an important learning outcome in this program, as is developing the ability to use ethics in every conceivable HR situation. Finally, building leadership skills and learning how to communicate effectively in order to share, persuade, and manage others is an important part of this program that will serve students well in their careers.

Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Human Resource Management program provides students with the tools they will need to achieve success as managers of people in today’s technologically enhanced, globally positioned corporate environments. Human resources management is important in implementing corporate strategies, supporting company operations here and abroad, and encouraging the best work performance from employees. The most important key learning outcome of this program is to learn to develop human resources strategies that will give your company an edge in the marketplace.

Other key learning outcomes of this program include developing critical thinking and problem solving skills, improving communication skills, and learning how to put plans into action. Learning leadership skills is also an essential element of this program, as graduates will be leaders of people in the companies for which they work. Understanding conflict resolution techniques and employee motivation strategies are other key elements of this program.


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