What Are the Requirements For a Human Resources MBA Program?

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hrmbaHave you always dreamed of becoming a Human Resources manager or a department head? If you answered yes, you should consider accelerating your career in the field by pursuing an MBA with a concentration in Human Resources. You have spent 4 to 6 years of your life pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in anything from Sales and Marketing to Business Administration, and spending 1 to 2 more years in a graduate degree program will help open up more opportunities to you. An MBA program will help you hone all of your competencies in key areas that are important to HR professionals, from developing talent to cultivating the culture within your organization. Like any graduate degree program offered by any for-profit or non-profit, there are requirements you must meet before you will be accepted into an MBA program.

Here are the requirements you must fulfill to start studying to earn your MBA in Human Resources:

Why Choose a Concentration When You Are Earning Your MBA?

You are not required to choose a specialization when you are entering an MBA program with a reputable business school. While a specialization, otherwise known as a concentration, is not a requirement, it can be beneficial to you in the long run. MBA programs will prepare you to work in a variety of different facets of Business Administration and management theory, but a degree with a concentration in Human Resources will focus the elective courses around subjects and topics that will benefit you in the field. By selecting a program that is aligned with your goals in the field, you can improve your chances of competing for high-level positions in HR after you graduate.

What Are the Admissions Requirements for MBA Programs with an HR Concentration?

The admissions requirements vary from institution to institution, but it is best to understand the most common requirements so that you know what to expect when you are applying for admissions. If you are currently in a BA program or you have already earned your Bachelor’s degree, knowing the requirements before graduation can help you push yourself to work harder for the sake of your career as a graduate school business student. Here are some of the common requirements that must be met before you can even submit an application to an MBA program:

  • Must possess a Bachelor’s degree with any major. Believe it or not, most schools prefer students who have a major in a field that is not related to HR because it will diversify the class.
  • Prerequisite course requirements are common. The amount of classes you must have under your belt can range, and there may be an opportunity to test to erase this requirement.
  • Virtually all MBA programs require applicants to take a Graduate Management Admissions Test before acceptance. You must demonstrate that you are competent and will be an asset to the program through your test scores.
  • Professional experience is almost always required, and some colleges may require that your experience is in a managerial role.

Job applicants with an MBA often get more job offers and higher base salaries than those who only have a Bachelor’s. A recent study shows that base salaries for someone with an MBA is 17.4% higher than those for other applicants. Make the commitment, enroll in an MBA program, and start a cohort program where you can learn from your professor and your other professional classmates.

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