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Though Rhode Island might be small in size, it makes up for it with great degree programs that students can complete from anywhere such as the online Master’s in Human Resources programs in Rhode Island. With a population of a little more than one million residents, the state has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that many love. A large number of students who attended college here stuck around later and started their careers in the state. Johnson & Wales University, which ranks as one of the top employers in the state, now offers an online HR program designed for all types of students.

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Johnson & Wales University

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Founded in 1914, Johnson & Wales University was the first college that opened in Rhode Island. During its early years, the university offered business programs. Its original founders were former teachers who wanted to provide local students with opportunities to study more than just education. Also called JWU, the university expanded the courses that it offered and changed its curriculum as it received more funds. The university has a strong reputation for its culinary arts program. Both Emeril Lagasse and Tyler Florence graduated from that program. JWU now offers a number of online Master’s in Human Resources programs in Rhode Island that accept students who live anywhere in the United States.

Master of Science – Human Resource Management

The accredited HR program that JWU offers online awards graduates a Master of Science in Human Resource Management. This program features eight-week classes that allow students to take twice as many classes as other programs do. Though the courses are more intensive, students will gain new knowledge and build upon that knowledge in later classes. Full-time students finish the program in two years or less, while part-time students may spend as much as three years in the program. The university offers an online tool that acts like a career coach to help students see what careers are available to them when they complete their studies. Each course that students take will focus on a different aspect of human resources management. Students will take classes that include Strategic Compensation and Benefits, Labor and Employee Relations, Organizational Training and Development and Human Resources in a Global Environment.


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Students who live in small states often think that they don’t have many opportunities. Those living in Rhode Island and any other state can now get an HR degree online. Online Master’s in Human Resources programs in Rhode Island help older and younger students develop strong skills and knowledge of HR practices.

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