5 Creative Ideas HR Workers Can Implement to Attract and Retain Employees

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Ways That HR Can Attract and Retain Employees

  • Offer Flexible Work Schedules
  • Conduct Employee Feedback
  • Keep Technology Up-to-date
  • Provide Ways to Relieve Stress
  • Encourage And Reward Perseverance

For any company, productivity depends on its workforce, so it is essential to attract and retain employees. Human resources can help maintain a high-quality team by implementing incentives that respect an employee’s time, input, and humanity. Use these creative tips to keep employees happy and the company afloat.

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1. Offer Flexible Work Schedules

A full-time job requires a demanding schedule, and for many people that means limited time devoted to family, friends, and personal errands. A company can treat their employees as responsible adults by allowing them to choose their working hours if possible. Or HR could get creative by developing a shorter work week with longer hours. This option would give employees the choice of having an extra weekday to take care of tasks at home. Also, many companies allow at-home hours or remote positions.

2. Conduct Employee Feedback

According to LinkedIn, a third of new employees quit after just 6 months of work. Part of this early departure could be attributed to a lack of communication between supervisors and staff. To limit turn over, companies must engage with their staff for proper feedback. This could be collected formally through surveys or suggestion bins, or an atmosphere of open discussion can be established from the beginning. Providing a friendly open-door policy, plus implementing staff suggestions, is needed to create a non-threatening environment.

3. Keep Technology Up-to-date

A big frustration for many employees is the lack of funding for essential technology. This can hinder an employee’s ability to do their job, making it more difficult to complete tasks sufficiently and timely. It can also lead to a company’s downfall as it cannot keep up with the production of competitors. Low production means more cut backs and an unhappy staff. Making an investment in the newest software, computers, and innovative technologies can cost money up front but have a large payout of high employee retention and increased productivity.

4. Provide Ways to Relieve Stress

Everyone needs a time and place to blow off some steam. Giving employees an outlet to do so shows that HR cares about their staff. Plus, this increases workflow by allowing the mind to rejuvenate. A traditional breakroom to eat lunch is not enough. Put some effort into a relaxing environment with games, refreshments, and comfortable furniture. Trying to limit redundancy can also be a stress reliever. Host meetings outside to get fresh air and a change of scenery. Parties and free food is also a popular way to raise spirits and attract employees.

5. Encourage And Reward Perseverance

Keeping motivation high can be difficult if dedication and successes are not recognized by the company. Promoting from within and rewarding milestones can help attract and retain an enduring and devoted staff. Bonuses can be offered in sales-orientated departments. When performance is harder to quantify, develop a voting system to reward an employee each week or month. Share successes with the rest of the team to show your appreciation while making others aware of accomplishments.

Motivation and appreciation are two components that most employees look for when seeking a job. Start their career off right with positivity and flexibility to attract and retain employees from the start.