What are Some Ways to Introduce More Fun Into the Workplace?

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It doesn’t take a human resources degree to know that many workplaces experience burnout. When it happens, employees develop a negative perspective around work and become less productive. This leads to lower profits and negative customer experiences. What can offices do to reduce burnout and improve everyone’s mood? Here are four great ways to introduce fun into the workplace.

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Add Nature

The sights and sounds of the outdoors are magnificent mood-boosters for many people. Sitting at a desk all day takes its toll on mental health. Allowing plants or adding them to offices and communal spaces is a great, cost-effective way to boost workplace satisfaction. Plus, the extra oxygen from the plants will make everyone breathe easier. Encouraging employees to walk around outside during breaks helps too. Mother Nature is known for her miraculous ability to reduce stress. Allowing her presence at work gives employees another outlet to shed stress and sharpen their focus.

Encourage Individual Expression

Allowing some room for employees to express their individuality can greatly improve workplace morale. This can range from having a casual dress day to allowing employees to bring in their pets. The positive psychological boost employees receive from something as small as a wacky desk ornament can be enough to keep them productive. LinkedIn calls this concept “edited authenticity” and has a handy guide for letting employees express themselves without shocking customers or corporate visitors. These guidelines are a great template for creating workplace rules around self-expression.

Party Planning

Birthdays, holidays, and special announcements are worthy of celebration outside of work. Why not use special events to add some joy to the workplace? Letting employees take a break from their routines improves their overall happiness. Adding holiday cheer through treats and games creates an even stronger boost. Allocating a few dollars of the company budget towards quarterly birthday celebrations or a year-end party can create a joyful workplace culture and motivate employees to perform at higher levels. Just make sure someone with a human resources degree oversees the planning to ensure themes and activities are appropriate. No company wants to be responsible for employees driving home drunk after a Christmas party or showing up in a revealing costume for Halloween.

Remote Work

Many jobs require tasks that employees can easily do from home. Allowing employees to do these tasks remotely can work wonders for overall morale. Though not for all employees, remote work can be a true boon for employees and employers alike. Employees get to choose their settings, avoid traffic, wear comfortable clothing and reduce their overall stress. Employers get more productive workers, better coverage for off-hour shifts and reduced need for office space. Remote work options also attract a strong applicant pool.

Entry-level jobs are not as easy as most people think. Smart managers understand that even entry-level workers need to stay happy to perform at high levels. Short of salary increases, a focus on workplace satisfaction is the best way to improve customer satisfaction, employee retention, and business outcomes.