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Human Resource Management Programs at Amberton University

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Amberton University offers degree programs designed to help graduates succeed in their future careers and professions. Those with an interest in human resource management may find its Bachelor of Science in Human Relations and Business appealing. This program specifically looks at the issues that employers and managers have with workers in the business field. It is available as a traditional classroom program or as an online program and includes 120 credits. Students will earn 54 credits from required business courses that include accounting, economics, marketing, and management classes.

The other HR programs are available for graduate students such as its Master of Science in Human Resources Training and Development. Designed for those who want to work in hands-on positions as they train new workers, it helps students learn how to evaluate existing training programs and create new programs from scratch. Students must take 36 credits of graduate courses, but they can bring up to 12 credits with them. The program includes 18 credits of Human Resource Training (HRT) courses, including Development of Training Programs, Emerging Issues in HRT, Organizational Change and Leadership and Team Development.

A Master of Science in Human Relations and Business is also available, which focuses more on the relations between employees and their employers. Students also learn how to evaluate any programs offered by an employer based on the needs of workers. The 36 credits of required courses in this program include both business and human relations courses. Students will also take counseling and communication courses that teach them how to work with individuals and small groups.

Some students may prefer the university’s Master of Arts in Professional Development program, which teaches them both how to develop on a professional level and how to help others. Amberton designed this program to feature courses from other disciplines because it wanted to show students how all those subjects relate to each other. Students can take classes from disciplines that include business administration, counseling, human resources and training, sociology, religion, and psychology.

About Amberton University

Amberton University is a Texas university that specializes in helping nontraditional students. Abilene Christian University saw the need for a campus that would help adult learners with their educational needs and decided to open an extension campus in Mesquite for those students. When it first opened, the school welcomed students of all types, but it quickly realized that nontraditional learners needed more help. This led to the college opening a new campus in Garland with a professional look that appealed to working students. The campus lacked the residence halls and other features found on traditional college campuses. After gaining accreditation in 1981, the college decided to separate from Abilene Christian University and become its own independent school called Amber University and later Amberton University.

The university now offers full degree programs for students who went to college but never completed their degrees. It usually requires that incoming students be 21 or older and have at transcripts that show they took at least 30 credits. Though the university does not have any religious affiliation, it does retain the Christian philosophy that it had during its early days. Students can now earn degrees in more than 50 fields and take classes online or on the Garland campus. Amberton University also established a second campus in Frisco in 2006 that offers some of the same educational opportunities for nontraditional students.

Amberton University Accreditation Details

Since Amberton University has regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), students at any level can transfer credits. The university will accept credits earned from any regionally accredited school and AP and similar credits earned in high school. SACS accreditation also allows Amberton to design the financial aid packages that both returning and incoming students need.

Amberton University Application Requirements

Amberton will only accept students into one of its programs if it feels that student is a good fit and that both the student and the university will benefit from his or her acceptance. Undergrads must have a strong grasp of the English language, be a resident or a citizen of the US, have some professional experience and have at least 30 credits of work already completed through another regionally accredited college or university. Any student who is not yet 22 and plans on taking classes on the Amberton campus must submit their immunization and vaccination records. The university asks undergrads to submit an application and their transcripts to show that they completed the minimum number of credits required.

Graduate students must meet the same requirements as undergrads, including having some professional experience and strong English language skills. Amberton does not ask for an entrance exam form and never charges an application form. It allows prospective students to submit an information request form, which lets them speak with an admissions counselor. That counselor can help students see the technical requirements for online students and how they can apply for financial aid.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Amberton University is unique because the university charges the exact same rate for traditional and online students as well as graduate students and undergrads. All students pay $265 per credit hour. As most classes are worth three total credit hours, students pay $795 for each class that they take. A student taking 12 credits in a semester qualifies as a full-time student and will pay $3,820 each semester. The university also charges $160 per class for the textbooks that students need.

Students can sign up for a pay as they go option, which allows them to pay for the credits they want to take at the start of each semester. The university has a Student Portal that allows them to make payments with a credit card or debit card, but they can also submit check or money order payments through the mail. A payment deferral agreement is available for students who make satisfactory progress towards a degree. The university allows them to make payments or put off their payments until a later date. Pell grants and federal student loans are available for those who complete the FAFSA. Amberton University recommends that students interested in any of its human resource management programs look at alternative loans and other external programs that can help them pay for college.

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