How Can I Become a Recruiting Manager?

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Competitive job recruitment markets create skillful employment opportunities that pose the question “How can I become a recruiting manager?” It is a challenge to find a pool of talented people for employment. Employers fill this void with highly skilled recruiters to save time and energy. When seeking a successful career that develops talent, negotiates contracts, or processes new employee hires recruiters are trained to facilitate and complete the hiring process.

College Career Courses Matter

The first step in becoming a college recruiter is to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts, business or human resources. Recruiters take college courses in public speaking, English, employment law, conflict management and negotiation, computer technology, and marketing. Students in this field can gain practical experience through internships and part-time positions.

Individuals interested in recruitment management must possess interpersonal skills that use empathy, flexibility, sensitivity, and good time management. To prepare for this career field students must work well with a variety of people and become a team player.

Specialized Recruiters Are Top Priority

Recruiters are in high demand and serve as liaisons between hiring managers and prospective employees. Recruiting has become a specialized field with titles such as information technology recruiter, sales recruiter, and executive recruiter that ensure their expertise aligns with the skills needed to recruit for vacant positions.

If you want a recruitment career it’s important to develop a specialty area that creates a demand for your skill set. The front line recruiting manager’s duties include managing job descriptions and job boards that list the job postings. Recruiting managers and hiring managers work closely together to ensure their company hires the best candidates. The company benefits by hiring employees that work well with others and fits its employment brand. This streamline hiring process builds the employee’s work commitment. The recruiting manager also works with attorneys and human resource managers to ensure the company complies with federal and state hiring laws.

Recruiters Promote the Company Brand

To become a recruiting manager you must know your company brand similar to a salesman who knows the company’s bestselling products. The more you know your company’s selling points, the better you can promote your corporation and convince the top candidate to accept a job offer. Knowing the company’s employees by generation is imperative to promoting its brand. Understand the number of Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, Millennials and Traditionalists that are searching for employment.

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As a recruiting manager, you must connect your company’s brand to each generation through messaging, power points, social media, websites, interview questions, body language and photos.

Recruiting careers have taken center stage in company human resource departments. Deciding how to become a recruiting manager is found in a commitment to complete training and develop strong communication skills.

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