5 Great Blogs About Organizational Behavior

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Studying organizational behavior, or the ways in which people interact within groups, can lead to more efficient business practices. Students and professionals involved in human resources can utilize organizational behavior to maximize the usefulness and the results gained from individual group members. Because there are a number of philosophies and models for using organizational behavior, there is a broad range of possible tactics and business structures. Reading great blogs about organizational behavior can help in better understanding the topic and choosing the best options.

1. Positive Organizational Behavior– www.bretlsimmons.com

Created and coordinated by Bret L. Simmons, this blog is one piece of Simmons’ training, speaking and research activities. Simmons holds a Ph.D. in Management from Oklahoma State University, and he is currently part of the faculty of the University of Nevada, Reno’s College of Business. His focus in teaching and public speaking is on organizational behavior, and he has published numerous academic papers involving this topic. Simmons provides his extensive credits in both professional and academic realms, and these accomplishments only add credence to the many available blog posts that offer free information and advice regarding organizational behavior.

2. The Chief Happiness Officer Blog – www.positivesharing.com

Founder and chief officer Alexander Kjerulf runs this blog in addition to his company, Woohoo inc. Kjerulf focuses his work on being one of the leading experts of creating happiness at work for bosses and employees alike. With clients such as IBM, IKEA, Microsoft and LEGO, this Chief Happiness Officer has transitioned his degree from The University of Southern Denmark into an empire of thoughts and advice for using organizational behavior and other management techniques to create happy and efficient workplaces. Kjerulf’s principles apply to many social situations, not just the office, and his blog shows the many applications for organizational behavior.

3. Insights on Human Behavior in Organization – www.marinojdasmarinas.blogspot.com

After attending the University of the City of Manila for his advanced degree in business administration, Marino J. Dasmarinas has worked in a variety of business fields, including as a lecturer about business organization behavior at De La Salle University. Some of his most popular blog posts include information about informal grouping, the importance of spiritual recollection in organizational behavior and in-depth examinations of the bureaucracy and government of his home country, the Philippines. Dasmarinas differs from many organizational behaviorists by bringing religion and spirituality into management.

4. Thinking is Hard Work – www.colleensharen.wordpress.com

Colleen Sharen, the creator of this blog is an associate professor of management and organizational studies at Brescia University College at Western University, located in London, Ontario, Canada. Before she was in academia, Sharen was a member of the senior management teams at large international corporations such as Kraft and General Mills, charged with managing and coaching the companies’ staffs. Her work with organizational behavior has been aided by rigorous research and real-world practice and application. Sharen runs her blog as a place for debating and sharing ideas in addition to her efforts to provide her personal knowledge of organizational behavior.

5. The Strategic Agility Institute – www. strategicagilityinstitute.com/blog

The Strategic Agility Institute is a group of four men evolved from years of experience in human resources who have joined together to provide their thoughts about management and organizational behavior. Their blog extends into a newsletter, journal articles and a variety of other initiatives aimed to provide information and to aid leaders and companies in their efforts to become more organized and efficient. The group provides thought-provoking and researched posts at least once a week, all geared to providing information and to offering insight into the world of human resources.

With the ever-changing theories and practices of management and organizational behavior, great blogs can help keep professionals and educators informed and involved. These are just of the few resources available for continued education and application possibilities.

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