5 HR Positions In The High-End Retail Market

Job Opportunities in the High-End Retail Arena for HR Professionals

  • Training
  • Social Media Manager
  • Executive Recruiter
  • Labor Relations Specialist
  • Compensations and Benefits Manager

In the not-too-distant past, HR personnel was not viewed as being integral to a company’s success.

Times change. Today’s savvy organizations understand the key to having a well-oiled machine operating at maximum potential requires having a top flight HR team working with management and labor. Human resource jobs are no longer relegated to being in the distant background.

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1. Training

The HR manager in several high-end retail organizations can often be found taking charge of training all levels of personnel. The manager needs to stay current on any and all policy changes. This can be a challenge, as many policy changes can take place literally in a matter of hours. In addition to understanding and developing policy changes, the manager will also oversee the policy implementation.

2. Social Media Manager

Organizations today are heavily involved with social media. One of the human resources jobs is that of being the social media manager. People in human resources understand the importance of maintaining the proper public persona of an organization. This helps to keep negative public perception at a minimum by taking action whenever negative feedback is introduced into a public forum.

3. Executive Recruiter

Finding the right person for any position is a challenge. When it comes to some of the more prestigious retail stores, it can be frustrating. It takes a certain skill set to be able to integrate into some of the higher end retail stores. Executive recruiters are able to spot the talent needed to move into the operational flow with the least amount of employment turmoil.

4. Labor Relations Specialist

For a business to operate at peak efficiency, its labor force needs to be productive. A productive labor force is one that tends to value the company that employs it. A labor relations specialist is the individual that spearheads the various programs designed to keep the workforce satisfied and wanting to do well. The HR individual involved with labor relations can also the person setting up a viable practices and policies doctrine, as mentioned in Entrepreneur. Having that doctrine in place shows the personnel where the “boundaries” are and prevents them from being too creative in finding solutions to problems.

5. Compensation and Benefits Manager

Successful organizations rely upon the best and brightest stars to be shining in their upper ranks. The way to accomplish that is to ensure those who are providing the most valuable service to the organization see the fruits of their labor. The compensation and benefits manager is the person responsible for making benefits and compensation as attractive as possible in order to maintain the strongest and most productive management team. This is one of the most influential human resources jobs available in the high-end retail sector.

Human resource jobs today are more varied than ever before. Whether an individual wants to get involved with training or wants the responsibility of overseeing an entire team of HR representatives, the level of involvement in most organizations and corporations is higher than its been in the past.