5 Best Conferences for Human Resource Managers

Great Human Resources Conferences for Managers

  • HR Comply 2019: The Nation’s Leading Human Capital Management and Employment Law Event
  • Society for Human Resource Management
  • Electronic Recruiting Exchange
  • WorldAtWork Total Rewards
  • Association for Talent Development

Most human resource managers will agree that no two days at work are ever the same. Humans are diverse, and therefore managing human capital is dynamic. The world and how we work within it is always changes. One of the best – and arguably most enjoyable – ways to stay on top of the human resources game is to attend conferences such as these five.

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1. HR Comply 2019: The Nation’s Leading Human Capital Management and Employment Law Event

Business & Legal Resources (BLR) is one of the leading human capital management and employment law professional organizations in the country. One benefit of membership is the opportunity to attend the annual HR Comply: The The Nation’s Leading Human Capital Management and Employment Law Event. This event was established in order to give human resource professionals a leg up in navigating employment law and building successful careers as leaders within the field. The 2019 event is set for November 13th to 15th in Nashville, Tennessee.

2. Society for Human Resource Management

This past April, Nashville also played host to the Society for Human Resource Management Talent Conference & Exposition. The Society for Human Resource Management is another must-join organization dedicated to assisting human resource managers with professional growth, development, and networking. Their annual conferences focuse on tools for hiring the right individuals for the right roles in order to build and maintain a competitive staff. Check in soon for details of the 2020 event.

3. Electronic Recruiting Exchange

In today’s technology-driven world, human resource managers conduct the majority of their recruitment electronically. The Electronic Recruiting Exchange (ERE) is a professional organization created to help human resource managers understand and efficiently utilized modern recruitment resources and practices. The ERE Recruiting Conference is an annual event where human resource managers from across the country gather to discover the latest tips and tricks in the industry. This year’s event will take place October 14th to 16th in Washington, D.C.

4. WorldAtWork Total Rewards

One of the most rewarding tasks in human resources is that of rewarding their employees. WorldAtWork is a leading association for employment compensation. One of its most popular contributions to the field is the annual Total Rewards Conference & Exhibition. Human resource managers from around the nation come together to learn about the latest compensation services and trends. Next year’s event is set for June 7th to 10th in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

5. Association for Talent Development

Good managers help their employees reach their fullest potential. Greatmanagers accomplish this faster and stronger when they reach their own fullest potential. This is the motto driving the Association for Talent Development (ATD). The annual ATD Conferences & Expositions provide human resource managers with a comprehensive professional development and networking opportunity. The 2020 event, themed Learning Never Peaks, is scheduled for May 17th to 20th in Denver, Colorado.

From the nation’s capitol to the majestic red rocks of Denver, Colorado, these five conferences offer human resource managers incredible professional development experiences. They all feature inspiring and educational seminars led by leaders of the industry, opportunities to network with colleagues nationwide, and experiential workshops. Each event focuses on a unique aspect of building and maintaining a successful human resources career.

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