What are the Latest Trends in HR Technology?

hr-trendsIf you are interested in pursuing the fields of human resources and/or technology vocationally, an important question has probably crossed your mind: “What are the latest HR technology trends?” By reading the information found below, you can obtain an answer to this question and several others that pertain to each professional sector.

Human Resources-A Brief Overview

Although broadly defined, human resources is basically the professional field that involves optimizing relationships between employers and employees while simultaneously ensuring that both groups positively contribute to the functioning of the businesses or organizations they represent. Some of the roles and responsibilities of human resources representatives include developing and overseeing wellness programs, fostering a positive work environment, promoting employee career development, and providing guidance regarding disciplinary actions.

Human Resources-Latest Technology Trends

There are a wide variety of technology trends that have begun to give shape and substance to the world of human resources. Some of them include:

1. The Use Of Talent Websites

With the rise of globalism, more and more business owners are realizing that real talent is not confined to a specific geographical region. In recognizing this principle, many of these business owners are requiring human resources representatives to make use of international talent sites and forums to find qualified job candidates.

2. Video Job Interviews

As Alison Doyle points out in her important article “Video Job Interviews: Video Interviewing for Employment,” more and more employers are utilizing web-based video interviews during their hiring process. The video job interview can be employed in numerous ways, such as to conduct a screening interview. In other events, the majority of the interview process can take place through the use of video. With this technological trend, human resources representatives can easily interview candidates from all over the world.

3. Mobile Optimization

As many technological experts know, sales for mobile devices currently exceed those of personal computers. With this idea in mind, human resources representatives are recognizing the value (and perhaps necessity) of being able to communicate with prospective employees through their iPhones. To accomplish this objective, HR representatives can optimize the mobile experiences of job candidates by making it easy for them to do things such as apply for a job via mobile device as they eat their lunches or ride on the train.

4. Cloud-based Systems

In the past, HR departments have relied on legacy HR software to complete tasks and/or store information. Yet these days, many HR representatives are expressing interest in cloud-based systems, a manifestation that marks the move from “systems of record” to “systems of engagement.” The shift may make software easier to learn and navigate while also enabling employees to make use of the systems. When this happens, many HR staffers will likely gain extra time to complete administrative tasks.

If you are thinking about pursuing a career in human resources or are simply interested in learning about the recent technological shifts that have transpired within this sector, you should note that the world of modern technology plays a profound role in shaping this field. Now that you have an answer to the question “What are the latest HR technology trends?,” you can gain a deeper understanding of how the realms of technology and human resources interface.

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