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HR Degrees at Liberty University

Liberty University is also featured in our ranking of the 50 Most Affordable Human Resource MBA Degree Programs.

Human resources (HR) management professionals handle many tasks when working in the field, including providing employees with compensation for their work and recruiting new talent for an employer. Liberty University offers two degree programs that appeal to students who want to work in HR. The first of which is a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) with an emphasis in human resources management. It prepares students for careers as HR managers and directors.

The program includes both general business courses and specialty HR classes. BSBA majors must complete the business core, which includes Financial Statement Analysis, Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Macroeconomics, Human Resource Management and Employee and Labor Relations. Some of the courses designed for HR majors include Compensation Management, Workforce Planning and Employment and Human Resources and Marketing, which is a capstone class.

Liberty University also offers an online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program with concentrations in different areas such as human resource management. Military students qualify for a discount that reduces the cost of each class they take to $275 per credit hour. Veterans who work as first responders qualify for a discount that reduces their costs to less than $675 per credit hour. Students accepted into the program can log in and view the syllabus for each class before the register for the next semester.

The MBA program includes 33 credits of core business classes and 12 credits of courses that make up the human resources cognate. Workforce Planning and Employment, Human Resource Development and Compensation Management are all part of the HR cognate. Students can take both HR and general business courses at the same time. Some of the business courses they take include Legal Issues in Business, Operations Management and Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management.

About Liberty University

Liberty University is a private university in Virginia with a long-standing connection to the Baptist Church. Jerry Falwell, who founded the Thomas Road Baptist Church, worried that colleges in the state didn’t cater to religious students. He worked to establish a new school, which opened in 1971 as the Lynchburg Baptist College. While still working as a pastor, Falwell took over the operations of the school and served as its president. Following his death, his son took over the college as a way to make sure that it would use the principles established by his father. Though it served as the Liberty Baptist College for eight years, it chose the Liberty University in 1985.

As a religious institution of higher learning, Liberty University requires that students follow a code of conduct and take several religious courses as part of their studies. The code of conduct asks that students attend church services twice a week each semester and allows them to skip services once without facing any penalties. As other schools began offering online classes, the university established Liberty University Online, which allows students to complete many of the same degree programs available on its campus. The online campus helped the university reach an all-time enrollment height of more than 70,000 students.

Liberty University Accreditation Details

The religious accreditation that Liberty University has comes from the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools Accreditation Commission (TACCSAC). This shows students that the university cares about their religious beliefs and ideas. To help students qualify for financial aid and carry their credits with them, it has regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Liberty University Application Requirements

LU has different admissions requirements for both undergrads and graduate students. Undergrads applying to the BSBA program need to write an application essay. As the university believes this is the most important part of the application process, it recommends that students spend some time working on it. They can log into the accounts they create on the Liberty website and upload the essay when they feel ready. The university also looks at the grades that students received in high school and for any trends in their grades. Students typically have an average GPA of 3.15 and an average score of 1020/27 on the SAT/ACT. Liberty asks for an application, test score, and transcript. It will accept both GED transcripts and home school transcripts from students who do not have a high school diploma.

The requirements for prospective MBA students also include a transcript and an application. Liberty asks for unofficial transcripts during the application process, but it may require an official transcript before the student can enroll. Students can fill out a form that allows the university to request their transcripts for them too. Their transcripts must show that students took the necessary business courses that will prepare them for the MBA program. If the university accepts a student who has a deficiency, it will require that the student take those classes over the summer.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost of attending Liberty University includes a tuition rate of $23,800 a year for undergrads. Those who want to enroll on a part-time basis will pay $815 per credit hour. Students also pay more than $1,100 a year in fees that let them use the student activity center on campus and access the university’s health center. Graduate students pay fees of $455 per semester and a tuition rate of $545 per credit hour. Liberty offers housing for all types of students too. The cost of room and board will add around $8,500 to their annual costs. Some of the rooms available on the campus cost more.

Liberty offers book vouchers for students who get financial aid. These vouchers let them order their books and use them in their courses until the university disperses their aid. The easiest way for students to get financial aid is with the FAFSA. They can apply for financial aid as early as October and find out well before the school year starts if they qualify for jobs on the campus, loans, and grants. There are also multiple scholarships available, including one for the children of alumni and another for the children of pastors. Another scholarship covers the total cost of a student’s tuition if that student is the child of a missionary. Students can also get grants based on the donations that their churches gave them to complete an HR degree at Liberty University.