What Jobs are Available to Master’s in Organizational Behavior Graduates?

Jobs that are available to Master’s in Organizational Behavior graduates are perfect for individuals who would like to combine their passion for business with their knowledge of human behavior. From working in human resources or training and development to working in employee relations or organizational consulting, the ideal job is waiting for organizational behavior grads. Five of the most popular careers in this highly lucrative field are described below.

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Human Resource Managers

When many people think about possible careers for organizational behavior graduates, one of the first occupations that come to mind is human resource management. As top persons of human resource teams, HR managers oversee all work conducted in their department. They are also responsible for creating such things as proper codes of conduct for staff members, appropriate disciplinary methods and procedures, and coordinating the recruitment of new employees. Other important tasks of HR managers include designing effective training programs, reviewing conflict resolution processes, and ensuring that employment laws are followed.

Training and Development Managers

Another great job that is available to persons with master degrees in organizational behavior involves training and development of employees. Training and development managers work closely with HR teams and top executives to determine what types of programs would help staff members become more productive. Common daily duties of these professionals include planning and coordinating training and development programs, creating educational materials, maintaining training and development budgets, and evaluating current training and development procedures. According to information provided by the United States Department of Labor, these positions are expected to increase by about 10 percent until the year 2026.

Employee Relations Managers

Employee relations managers are also among the many careers that are available to graduates with a master’s degree in organizational behavior. Often confused with HR managers, employee relations managers focus solely on solving problems pertaining to individual staff members or the entire company team. They are responsible for a large variety of tasks including motivating individual employees and teams, implementing employee benefit programs, investigating complaints of discrimination and harassment, and making recommendations to resolve complaints. It is also the job of employee relations managers to maintain records pertaining to all HR relations issues.

Organizational Development Consultants

Other terrific careers that are available to graduates with master degrees in organizational behavior are organizational development consultants. The primary goal of organizational development consultants is to make sure that businesses are operating efficiently and profitably. They accomplish this by analyzing business processes and procedures, and making recommendations that could increase efficiency and productivity. Their job roles typically require a great deal of interviews with staff members, observation, and research. While many of these experts work independently, some choose to work for organizational consulting firms.

Technology Consultants

Another type of consulting job that is open to persons with a master’s degree in organizational behavior is that of a technology consultant. These professionals typically work independently or for consulting firms, and their main goal is to ensure that staff members are properly using available forms of technology while on the job. Other things they often examine is whether or not current technology needs to be updated, whether or not current technology is appropriate for particular businesses, and whether or not new technology should be introduced (and old forms eliminated). After examining a business’ technology and processes, they then make recommendations to top management or executives.

Organizational behavior is an interesting field that offers many career opportunities. And for persons who are looking for jobs that are available to Master’s in Organizational Behavior graduates, the careers described above may be just what they have been looking for.

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