What is the Best Degree for Getting a Job in Human Resources?

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When it comes to securing a job within the field of human resources, there are several routes a person can take. From earning a social work degree to an actual human resources degree, the best path to follow will be determined by a person’s preferences. If the person is sure he or she wants to work in the field of social work, a BSW degree will of course be the best degree to earn. For those wanting to work with the aging population, a B.S. in Human Resources with a concentration in Gerontology will be of the most benefit. Overall, a degree in human resources, whether it be on a bachelor’s level or a master’s level, will be of the best value when it comes to gaining a job in the human resources industry; however, the exact career path that a person wants to follow will determine the concentration he or she needs to major in.

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Bachelor of Science in Human Resources

Earning a bachelor degree in human resources will prepare a person for a wide range of entry-level positions found in the human resources industry. It will take a student about four years to earn this type of degree. In the program, students will learn how to work with families and persons in need of assistance, matching them with the resources that they need. Topics covered in the bachelor’s program include:

– Child development

– Community outreach

– Intervention strategies

– Program funding

– Substance abuse

– Health services

– Statistics

– Counseling

– Psychology

– Behavioral pyschology

– Public service management

– Legal issues

– Research methodologies

Master of Science in Human Resources Administration

For students who prefer to work more on the administrative side of the human resources field, it will be best to earn a Master of Science in Human Resources Administration degree. The program will teach students how to carry out a wide range of programs, including substance abuse treatment, psychological counseling, community outreach and much more. To properly carry out such programs, students will be taught how to plan, manage and fund the programs.

Topics covered during this degree program will include:

– Research in the field of human resources

– Statistics

– Contemporary human resources issues

– Leadership

– Program analysis

– Strategic social services programming

Master of Science in Human Resources and Counseling

For those who want to work in the human resources field as a community counselor, school administrator or counseling administrator, it is best to obtain a Master of Science in Human Resources and Counseling degree. This type of degree program will focus its studies on a wide range of human resources topics as well as those relating to counseling. Common topics covered during the program will include:

– Counseling skills and techniques

– Community relations

– Society and education

– Advanced psychology

– Human resources administration

– Advanced accounting

– Counseling ethics

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