HR-MBA-Most Affordable

By HRMBA Staff

The goal of this article is to present you with a well-researched list of the most affordable HR Masters degree programs.


The figures used to compile this list were obtained from the National Center for Education Statistics and comprise the most recent information available to us. The 50 colleges and universities represented are all accredited institutions of higher learning and offer the most affordable HR Masters programs in the U.S., making them an excellent choice for students interested in pursuing this challenging and rewarding career path.

We know that earning an MBA can be expensive, so we have highlighted affordable HR Masters degrees that can all be earned for less than $13,000 per year.

After utilizing the National Center for Education Statistics’ College Navigator database to find all post-secondary schools in the United States offering advanced HR-related degrees, we developed our list of affordable MBA in Human Resources using the following criteria:

  • We narrowed down the list of schools offering advanced HR degrees to 110 universities granting a Master’s in HR.
  • After collecting data on graduate tuition prices from the College Navigator database, we kept the 50 with the lowest tuition, and we listed them in descending order by graduate tuition.

50. Baldwin Wallace University

MBA in Human Resources

Baldwin Wallace University - Human Resources MBA

Founded in 1845 by Methodist settlers, Baldwin Wallace University is a four-year private liberal arts institution in the suburbs of Berea, Ohio. BWU has been ranked the Midwest’s 11th top value school by the U.S. News and World Report. Aligned with the SHRM curriculum guidelines, the affordable Masters in HR program gives students the fundamental managerial and leadership abilities for managing human capital. Undergraduate students can also apply to a 3/2 HR Masters program in their junior year for an accelerated path.

Tuition: $12,885/yr

For more information: Baldwin Wallace University

49. Holy Family University

Accelerated MBA in Human Resources Management

Holy Family University - Human Resources MBA

Noted as the 125th best regional college in the North by U.S. News and World Report, Holy Family University is a private Roman Catholic liberal arts institution with over 3,000 students in the urban hub of Philadelphia. Within the School of Business Administration, an accelerated, affordable MBA is offered with a Human Resources Management concentration for just 30 credits. The program is designed for professionals with a minimum of three years of managerial experience. Masters in HR majors will focus their ACBSP-accredited degree in developing decision-making strategies for managing a company’s personnel.

Tuition: $12,672/yr

For more information: Holy Family University

48. Tiffin University

Online MBA in Human Resource Management

Tiffin University - Human Resources MBA

Headquartered in Tiffin, OH, and having other locations in Cleveland, Toledo, and Fremont, Tiffin University is a private co-educational institution serving over 4,200 students. Fully accredited by the ACBSP, Tiffin offers a cheap online Masters in HR Management program to expose students to theories and applications involved in developing talented employees. Students in this program have an average of 10 years of work experience before admission. The U.S. News and World Report has named it the 89th best online MBA program in America.

Tuition: $12,600/yr

For more information: Tiffin University

47. The Sage Colleges

MBA with Human Resources Concentration

The Sage Colleges - Human Resources MBA

Featuring IACBE accreditation, the affordable MBA offered at Sage Graduate School can be concentrated in HR to develop leaders who can meet employees’ needs in complex organizations. Requiring 42 semester credits, the program is typically completed in two years, with a flexible schedule of evening, weekend, summer, and online courses.

For more information: The Sage Colleges

Tuition: $12,240/yr

46. Webster University

Online MBA with Emphasis in Human Resources Management

Webster University - Human Resources MBA

Enrolling more than 22,000 students in on-campus and online degree programs, Webster University is an accredited private non-profit institution based in Webster Groves, Missouri. Webster is listed as the 126th best online MBA program by U.S. News and World Report. The affordable online MBA provides an Emphasis in HR Management to cover topics in employee training, labor relations, group development, organizational change, and human resources development. Students can also complete the 36-credit, affordable MBA in HR program in an accelerated, one-year format at select Webster campuses.

Tuition: $11,970/yr

For more information: Webster University

45. Walden University

Online MBA with Human Resource Management Specialization

Walden University - Human Resources MBA

Founded in 1970, Walden University is a private for-profit online university accredited by the Higher Learning Commission to confer degrees from its main headquarters in Minneapolis. In the College of Management and Technology, the Online MBA uses video mini-lectures from industry icons to prepare graduate students for the rigors of business. With the affordable HR Management Specialization, students focus their 36-credit curriculum in learning how to develop, manage, recruit, and lead employees. Those who have obtained the SPHR or GPHR human resources certification can receive life experience credits.

Tuition: $11,925/yr

For more information: Walden University

44. Davenport University

Competency-Based MBA: Human Resource Management

Davenport University - Human Resources MBA

Situated just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Davenport University is a private non-profit institution that provides tech-oriented campus and online degrees to over 12,400 students annually. The Donald W. Maine School of Business offers a unique, competency-based, affordable HR Master’s degree that uses direct student assessment rather than credits. Students in the HR Management path must pass competencies in workforce planning, staffing, HR development, organizational reward systems, and labor relations. The program takes an average of 20 months to complete.

Tuition: $11,754/yr

For more information: Davenport University

43. Eastern Michigan University

MBA in Human Resource Management

Eastern Michigan University - Human Resources MBA

Located in Ypsilanti within just 35 miles from Detroit, Eastern Michigan University is a major public state-supported institution educating around 23,400 students each year. EMU is currently ranked as 26th best college for veterans according to U.S. News. Within the College of Business, students can peruse an affordable Masters in HR Management that is accredited by the AACSB International. EMU’s program has a hybrid format of evening courses and online learning to accommodate busy working professionals. Graduates of the MBA in HR program leave with the global, innovative, and strategic leadership characteristics needed to succeed in today’s competitive workplace.

Tuition: $11,538/yr

For more information: Eastern Michigan University

42. Bethel University

Online Human Resource MBA

Bethel University - Human Resources MBA

Affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, Bethel University is a private four-year Christian higher learning institution educating over 5,800 students each year from its main campus in McKenzie, Tennessee. In Bethel’s College of Professional Studies, the affordable HR Masters is available fully online in accordance with SHRM’s guidelines. Students take approximately 23 months to complete robust training devoted to the unique intricacies of the HR marketplace. The MBA’s cheap tuition rate includes textbooks, course materials, 24/7 technology support, and a trip to Tennessee for orientation.

Tuition: $11,370/yr

For more information: Bethel University

41. Central Michigan University

Online MBA in Human Resource Management

Central Michigan University - Human Resource MBA

Well-known for being one of the nation’s 100 largest public institutions (U.S. News), Central Michigan University is home to over 28,000 students in Mount Pleasant. The U.S. News and World Report has ranked CMU as the 194th best university with the country’s 25th best online MBA programs. Accredited by the AACSB, the online MBA offers an affordable HR Management concentration for students seeking to improve organizational experiences for employees. For admission into the 36-credit program, students must have an accredited bachelor’s degree and pass the GMAT.

Tuition: $11,330/yr

Related resource: Central Michigan University

40. University of Mary

MBA: Concentration in Human Resource Management

University of Mary - Human Resources MBA

Initially founded in 1959 by the Benedictine Sisters of Annunciation, the University of Mary is a private senior Catholic liberal arts institution educating over 2,900 students every year from its main rural campus overlooking North Dakota’s capital of Bismarck. In the Gary Tharaldson School of Business, the low-cost MBA with a concentration in HR Management prepares innovative leaders to effectively resolve problems arising in labor relations. Offering an accelerated path of just 18 months, the program blends on-site and online courses in seminar style.

Tuition: $11,114/yr

Related resource: University of Mary

39. Belhaven University

Master of Business Administration with Human Resources Concentration

Belhaven University - Human Resources MBA

Listed as being the South’s 65th best regional college according to U.S. News and World Report, Belhaven University is a private liberal arts institution that teaches over 4,200 students from a Christian worldview on its campus in Jackson, Mississippi. The affordable HR Masters degree program at Belhaven gives students an ethical foundation for managing employee relationships in today’s technologically dependent business world. Masters in HR students complete 42 credits in a hybrid format of classroom and online learning. It’s also possible to receive a Master of Public Administration with Human Resources Concentration.

Tuition: $11,070/yr

For more information: Belhaven University

38. Brandman University

Online MBA in Human Resources

Brandman University - Human Resources MBA

Brandman University is an accredited private non-profit institution in Irvine, California, that gives campus-based and online degrees to over 11,000 students annually. The U.S. News and World Report has listed Brandman as having the 136th best online MBA programs. The affordable, online Masters in HR is strategically designed to develop the tools for integrating corporate social responsibility into ethical HR decision-making. Online Masters in HR courses are eight weeks in length and offered with six start times annually.

Tuition: $10,800/yr

For more information: Brandman University

37. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Full-Time MBA in Strategic Human Resource Management

University of Wisconsin-Madison - Human Resources MBA

Located on a historical park-like campus in the state’s capital, the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a prestigious public land-grant research institution with a student body over 43,200 students. Listed #33 among the best business schools by U.S. News, the Wisconsin School of Business ranked ninth in Forbes’ 2014 list of most satisfied MBA graduates. Students who select the affordable full-time Masters in Strategic HR Management will build an in-depth understanding of organizational HR strategies. Students build cross-cultural awareness by completing a global experience in locations like Brazil, South Africa, and Ireland.

Tuition: $10,728/yr

For more information: University Wisconsin- Madison

36. Ottawa University

Online MBA with Concentration in Human Resources

Ottawa University - Human Resources MBA

As a private non-profit liberal arts institution affiliated with the American Baptist Churches, Ottawa University serves about 7,000 campus and online students from its main headquarters in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Regarded as America’s 111th best online MBA program by U.S. News, the affordable Master in Business Administration gives a concentration in HR for students to hone their recruiting and staffing techniques. The entire 36-credit program can be completed with maximum flexibility online for working adults. Select campuses in Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, and Wisconsin also offer this affordable HR Masters.

Tuition: $10,710/yr

For more information: Ottawa University

35. National University

Online MBA with Specialization in Human Resources Management

National University - Human Resources MBA

Since 1971, National University has been based in La Jolla as California’s second largest private non-profit higher learning institution with more than 24,400 diverse students. In the School of Business and Management, the IACBE-accredited online, affordable MBA program offers a Specialization in HR Management through web-enhanced courses. HRM students complete at least 63 quarter units to learn how workplace changes influence the performance of employees.

Tuition: $10,638/yr

For more information: National University

34. University of Saint Mary

MBA in Human Resource Management Online

University of Saint Mary - Human Resources MBA

Listed by U.S. News and World Report as having the nation’s 142nd best online MBA, the University of Saint Mary is a small private Catholic liberal arts institution with a close-knit community of just over 1,000 students in Leavenworth, Kansas. With accreditation from the IACBE, the affordable Masters in HR Management is offered fully online to prepare graduates for managing conflicts and negotiating organizational changes from a business mindset. The 36-credit curriculum can be completed in one year.

Tuition: $10,440/yr

For more information: University of Saint Mary

33. SUNY Empire State College

MBA in Management for Human Resource Management

SUNY Empire State College - Human Resources MBA

As part of the State University of New York, SUNY Empire State College is a public four-year liberal arts institution serving over 18,600 students at 35 locations statewide. Featuring approval by the SHRM, the affordable Masters in Management for HR Management program consists of 48 credit hours for mid-career managers seeking to enhance their HR leadership abilities. The competency-based curriculum blends online courses with several weekend residencies. There’s an accelerated Veteran and Military MBA Pathway available to waive nearly all tuition costs for current or former service members.

Tuition: $10,370/yr

For more information: SUNY Empire State College

32. University at Buffalo

Full-Time MBA in Human Resources Management

University at Buffalo - Human Resources MBA

Renowned for being the largest public research institution in New York state, the University at Buffalo is located in the suburbs of western New York State. UB has an outstanding reputation as the Times Higher Education’s 191st best world university. Placed #79 in U.S. News’ Best Business Schools ranking, the full-time, affordable Masters in HR Management provides theoretical knowledge and real-life learning experience for aspiring HR leaders. The 60-credit curriculum includes UB’s award-winning LeaderCORE program for customized personal development plans.

Tuition: $10,370/yr

For more information: University at Buffalo

31. University of Tennessee- Knoxville

Full-Time MBA with Human Resource Concentration

University of Tennessee-Knoxville - Human Resources MBA

Uniquely situated in the Great Smoky Mountains, the University of Tennessee-Knoxville is a flagship public sun-grant and land-grant research institution with an enrollment of over 27,000 students. The full-time, affordable MBA in HR at UT follows an accelerated 17-month format with small class sizes to prepare students for leadership success. The HR Concentration teaches graduates how to recruit, select, and reward employees. A summer internship is included to give students 10 weeks of hands-on experience with experienced HR managers.

Tuition: $10,112/yr

For more information: University of Tennessee-Knoxville

30. Bryan College

MBA in Human Resources

Bryan College - Human Resources MBA

Teaching around 1,500 students from a Christian worldview, Bryan College is a small private liberal arts institution in southeastern Tennessee. Highly regarded as the South’s seventh top value school by the U.S. News, Bryan offers an affordable HR Masters through its College of Adult & Graduate Studies. Either on-site or online, the accredited human resource degree will open positions of leadership in managing today’s fast-paced workplace. Students can complete the flexible, affordable Masters in HR program in just 18 months to deepen their technological competence, global astuteness, and service commitment.

Tuition: $10,080/yr

For more information: Bryan College

29. Baker College

Online Human Resource MBA

Baker College - Human Resources MBA

Operating 13 locations throughout Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, Baker College is an accredited private non-profit career training center offering over 150 on-campus and online degree programs. With an average class size of 25, the affordable, online HR Masters at Baker uses a personalized approach to develop well-trained HR specialists. Graduate students are exposed to the best business practices for recruiting, hiring, compensation, and workplace productivity. 97 percent of MBA in HR graduates are employed within their field of expertise.

Tuition: $10,080/yr

For more information: Baker College

28. Removed by editor

27. Grand Canyon University

Online MBA in Strategic Human Resources Management

Grand Canyon University - Human Resources MBA

Founded in 1949, Grand Canyon University is a private for-profit Christian liberal arts institution that serves over 68,000 students from its physical headquarters in Phoenix. GCU hosts an online, affordable Masters in Strategic HR Management program with ACBSP accreditation. Aligned with the competencies of the SHRM, the HR Masters degree prepares students as senior HR specialists and managers with strong business acumen. Online classes are kept small to stimulate engaging discussions with HR professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Tuition: $9,563/yr

For more information: Grand Canyon University

26. Concordia University – Wisconsin

Global MBA in Human Resource Management

Concordia University - Wisconsin - Human Resources MBA

Based on the beliefs of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Concordia University – Wisconsin is a comprehensive private liberal arts institution dedicated to developing the mind, body, and spirit of over 7,900 students annually. Offered with evening on-site classes in Mequon and online courses from anywhere, the affordable Global MBA program has 13 concentrations, including HR Management. HR Masters students work to build a human resources career and meet today’s global business challenges in convenient eight-week course sessions. The 39-credit program also provides valuable internships and study abroad opportunities.

Tuition: $9,540/yr

For more information: Concordia University Wisconsin

25. Liberty University

Online MBA with a Cognate in Human Resources

Liberty University - Human Resources MBA

Well-known for being the world’s largest private Evangelical Christian institution, Liberty University educates over 113,000 residential and online students annually from its main headquarters in the suburbs of Lynchburg, Virginia. The U.S. News and World Report recognized Liberty for having the 93rd best online MBA program. Students who select the Cognate in HR will specialize their 45-credit curriculum in mastering the central personnel management practices of the 21st century. Graduates of the affordable HR Masters program can become mediators, HR managers, recruitment specialists, training managers, or labor relations specialists.

Tuition: $9,360/yr

For more information: Liberty University

24. Purdue University

Krannert Full-Time MBA: Human Resource Management Concentration

Purdue University - Human Resources MBA

Since being founded in 1869 under the Morrill Act, Purdue University has evolved into an elite public land-grant, sea-grant, and space-grant research institution with over 38,000 students on a vast urban campus in West Lafayette, Indiana. Not only is Purdue named the world’s 60th best university by the Academic Ranking of World Universities, but it also places 53rd among the nation’s top business schools according to the U.S. News and World Report. The Krannert full-time, affordable MBA offers an HR Management Concentration to provide a thorough understanding of various HR topics.

Tuition: $9,208/yr

For more information: Purdue University

23. Oklahoma Wesleyan University

MBA – Human Resources Concentration

Oklahoma Wesleyan University - Human Resources MBA

Located just 18 miles from the Kansas border in Bartlesville, Oklahoma Wesleyan University is an accredited private evangelical Christian institution educating around 1,000 students in over 35 majors. OKWU is acclaimed for being the West’s 7th top value school by the U.S. News and World Report. The university’s affordable HR MBA program is available on location and online to develop the knowledge and skills to work closely with a company’s employees. Built on Christian ethics, the 39-credit program studies job analysis, recruitment, hiring, performance appraisal, employee training, and compensation.

Tuition: $8,982/yr

For more information: Oklahoma Wesleyan University

22. McKendree University

MBA: Human Resource Management Concentration

McKendree University - Human Resources MBA

Affiliated with the United Methodist Church, McKendree University is a small private liberal arts college with a community of around 3,000 students in Illinois, Kentucky, and online. McKendree is distinguished by the U.S. News for delivering America’s 93rd best online MBA program. At the Radcliff campus only, the affordable MBA can come with an HR Management Concentration to focus on the knowledge, analytical skills, and leadership abilities needed for senior-level HR jobs. The 36-credit curriculum has been formally aligned with SHRM guidelines to equip graduates for human resources certification.

Tuition: $8,810/yr

For more information: McKendree University

21. Brenau University

Human Resources Management MBA

Brenau University - Human Resources MBA

Brenau University is a private non-profit higher learning institution that enrolls around 2,800 students on its main urban campus in Gainesville, Georgia, within the Atlanta metropolitan area. Within the South’s 43rd best regional college (as named by U.S. News), the Brenau School of Business is accredited by the ACBSP to grant an affordable HR Management MBA. HR Masters students follow a 45-credit curriculum filled with the specialized, real-world training needed to integrate good HR strategies into their companies’ business plans. Core courses are taught online and at Brenau’s five campuses.

Tuition: $8,596/yr

For more information: Brenau University

20. Saint Leo University

Online MBA in Human Resource Management

Saint Leo University - Human Resources MBA

Named in honor of Pope Leo the Great, Saint Leo University is a private non-profit Roman Catholic liberal arts college that serves over 16,200 students on its rural campus near Tampa, 17 extension centers, and online. Consistently named a “Military Friendly School” by GI Jobs magazine, Saint Leo delivers flexible degrees designed for working adults. The online, affordable Masters in HR Management program is accredited by the IACBE to provide the leadership abilities students need to become successful HR managers. The program involves 36 credits completed in convenient eight-week terms.

Tuition: $8,442/yr

For more information: Saint Leo University

19. Oklahoma Christian University

Online MBA with Human Resources Specialization

Oklahoma Christian University - Human Resources MBA

Celebrating a 75-year history of excellence, Oklahoma Christian University is a small private co-educational liberal arts institution operated by the Church of Christ to serve over 2,400 students in the suburbs of Oklahoma City. At the West’s 40th best regional college (U.S. News), the Graduate School of Business provides a cheap, online MBA program in an accelerated 16-month schedule to prepare leaders in eight business disciplines. Students who select the HR Specialization will focus their ACSBP-accredited curriculum on managing their company’s human capital to maximize potential.

Tuition: $8,260/yr

For more information: Oklahoma Christian University

18. Averett University

Online Human Resources MBA

Averett University - Human Resources MBA

Initially a women’s college, Averett University has grown into a private non-profit co-educational institution serving over 2,700 students on its campus in Danville, Virginia. The U.S. News has ranked Averett as the 25th best regional college and 9th top university for veterans in the South. Within the Division of Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS), students can receive an affordable HR Masters online. Masters in HR students discuss executive-level topics in small classes for personalized attention.

Tuition: $8,100/yr

For more information: Averett University

17. University of Georgia

MBA with Concentration in Human Resource Management

University of Georgia - Human Resources MBA

With a prestigious past as America’s first state-chartered institution, the University of Georgia draws in more than 35,100 students to its campus in Athens, within an hour’s drive from Atlanta. UGA has taken the #37 spot among the nation’s top part-time MBAs in the U.S. News & World Reports ranking list. Students can receive their affordable MBA with a Concentration in HR Management to tackle the most pressing challenges impacting today’s modern, diverse workforce. To supplement their education, it’s advised that HRM majors join the university’s active SHRM chapter.

Tuition: $8,088/yr

For more information: University of Georgia

16. Gardner-Webb University

Online MBA Plus in Human Resources

Gardner-Webb University - Human Resources MBA

Nestled in the town of Boiling Springs just 50 miles west of Charlotte in North Carolina, Gardner-Webb University is a private four-year Baptist liberal arts institution with a diverse community of over 5,000 students. The affordable Online MBA Plus program allows students to emphasize their studies in HR and develop essential personnel management skills for our ever-changing business environment. Students will complete the 36-credit business core and take an additional 18 credits delving into relevant HR topics. The U.S. News and World Report has named it the 74th best online MBA program nationwide.

Tuition: $7,038/yr

For more information: Gardner-Webb University

15. University of Colorado Denver

Professional MBA with Human Resources Management Specialization

University of Colorado - Human Resources MBA

In the heart of the Southwest’s second-largest metropolitan area, the University of Colorado Denver stands proudly as a major comprehensive public research institution of over 18,000 students. As the nation’s 91st best part-time MBA program, the Professional MBA allows CU Denver students to balance cutting-edge business education with an affordable HR Management Specialization. Whether online or in Denver, Masters in HR students must complete 48 semester hours to gain expertise in methods used to recruit, hire, develop, motivate, reward, and retain top talent.

Tuition: $6,588/yr

For more information: University of Colorado-Denver

14.  Removed by the editor.

13. Georgia State University

MBA with Concentration in Human Resource Management

Georgia State University - Human Resources MBA

Lauded by U.S. News for having the country’s 44th best part-time MBA, Georgia State University is a senior public research institution based in downtown Atlanta. Within the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, graduates can pursue their MBA in the managerial sciences with a concentration in HR Management.  Students of this affordable Masters in HR can expect courses in recruitment, selection, strategic compensation, human resource development, labor law, employee ethics, and field research. There’s also an M.S. in HR Management program available.

Tuition: $6,516/yr

For more information: Georgia State University

12. Spring Arbor University

Online MBA in Human Resource Management

Spring Arbor University - Human Resources MBA

Fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, Spring Arbor University is a small private evangelical Christian institution affiliated with the Free Methodist Church. As the Midwest’s 49th best regional college, Spring Arbor hosts an affordable, online MBA program in a cohort model with six different tailored concentrations, including HR Management. HR Management students will study principles of organizational behavior to more effectively work with a company’s people. HR MBA students are treated to a free International Business Summit trip to spend four days studying in New York City.

Tuition: $6,379/yr

For more information: Spring Arbor University

11. North Greenville University

MBA with Human Resources Concentration

North Greenville University - Human Resources MBA

For more information: North Greenville University

At the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in the small town of Tigerville, South Carolina, North Greenville University is a private comprehensive Baptist college accredited by the SACS to educate over 2,500 students annually. NGU uses a Christ-centered perspective to deliver an MBA for students wishing to assume business leadership roles. The HR concentration is built into the 36-credit curriculum to explore strategic HR issues in our international market. This affordable Masters in HR program typically takes seven terms of full-time studies.

Tuition: $6,375/yr

For more information: North Greenville University

10. University of New Mexico

MBA in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management

University of New Mexico  - Human Resources MBA

As the state’s flagship public research institution with over 34,700 students, the University of New Mexico is located in Albuquerque with branch campuses in Gallup, Rio Rancho, Taos, Los Lunas, and Los Alamos. Within the Anderson School of Management, the affordable MBA offers an Organizational Behavior and HR Management (OB/HRM) concentration. Students will follow a two-year schedule to learn the best practices for effectively developing employees’ professional capacities.

Tuition: $5,924/yr

For more information: University of New Mexico

9. Texas State University

MBA with Human Resource Management Emphasis

 Texas State University - Human Resources MBA

Situated in the rolling hills of southwestern Texas along the San Marcos River, Texas State University is a large, public state-supported institution with an enrollment of over 31,000 students. Fully accredited by the elite AACSB International, the McCoy Graduate School of Business offers an affordable MBA with an HR Management emphasis to prepare students for success in upper-level HR leadership. In adherence to the SHRM’s guidelines, the program covers 45 credits of evening courses at the Round Rock or San Marcos campus. U.S. News labels it the 136th best part-time MBA program in America.

Tuition: $5,774/yr

For more information: Texas State University

8. Clayton State University

MBA with Human Resource Leadership Concentration

Clayton State University - Human Resources MBA

Enrolling more than 7,100 students, Clayton State University is a comprehensive four-year public research institution that’s located on a peaceful wooded campus within 20 minutes from the business center of Atlanta. CSU’s 20-month, fast-track MBA program is accredited by the AACSB International to prepare graduates for successfully leading our changing global business world. In the 33-credit affordable MBA program, the HR Leadership Concentration trains students to think strategically about people-related organizational problems. The program won the 2014 “Best in Georgia Award” for SHRM Chapter of the Year.

Tuition: $5,512/yr

For more information: Clayton State University

7. University of North Texas

MBA in Management: Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management

University of North Texas - Human Resources MBA

Established in 1890, the University of North Texas is a public research institution devoted to providing over 36,100 students with a science-based education at its Denton campus in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. The U.S. News and World Report has ranked UNT as having the country’s 199th best part-time MBA nationwide. Students of this cheap MBA in the College of Business can major in Management with an HRCI-approved Organizational Behavior and HR Management concentration. Graduates of the 36-credit, affordable masters program can become labor relations executives, HR directors, diversity managers, chief learning officers, and more.

Tuition: $5,450/yr

For more information: University of North Texas

6. Columbia Southern University

Online MBA in Human Resource Management

Columbia Southern University - Human Resources MBA

Since 1993, Columbia Southern University has been accredited as an affordable private for-profit online university with over 20,100 students from its main headquarters in Orange Beach, Alabama. With a focus on practical training, the cheap, online MBA at CSU gives students expertise in today’s evolving business climate to climb towards senior management jobs. Students who select the affordable HR Management concentration will spend three years exploring a 36-credit curriculum tailored to developing managerial skills in HR. The degree has been aligned with SHRM’s Curriculum Guidebook and Templates.

Tuition: $4,950/yr

For more information: Columbia Southern University

5. Utah State University

Dual MHR/MBA Program

Utah State University - Human Resources MBA

Lying on the eastern edge of the Bear River Mountains in Logan, Utah State University is a major public land-grant and space-grant flagship research institution, enrolling over 28,700 students through more than 20 education centers. As the nation’s 110th top public school, USU hosts a unique and affordable dual Master of HR/Master of Business Administration (MHR/MBA) program in the Huntsman School of Business. Within this two-year AACSB-accredited program, students receive in-depth training in managing an organization’s workforce. Students benefit from non-resident tuition waivers, top professors, and a Global Learning Experience.

Tuition: $4,994/yr

For more information: Utah State University

4. The University of Nebraska at Omaha

MBA: Concentration in Human Resource Management

University of Nebraska at Omaha - Human Resources MBA

With a 100-year tradition for academic excellence, the University of Nebraska at Omaha is a four-year public research institution enrolling more than 15,000 students at its downtown campus in the state’s largest city. As a top MBA school with AACSB accreditation, the UNO College of Business Administration offers a concentration in HR Management. Students work in state-of-the-art academic facilities in small, interactive classes to develop innovative business tactics for improving employee productivity. The 33-credit affordable master’s program blends business with psychology and communications.

Tuition: $4,415/yr

For more information: The University of Nebraska Omaha

3. North Carolina A&T State University

MBA-Human Resources Management

North Carolina A&T State University - Human Resources MBA

Highly regarded by the U.S. News as America’s 10th best historically black college, North Carolina A&T State University is a public research institution with a diverse community of over 10,700 students in Greensboro. For over 30 years, the School of Business and Economics has provided an AACSB-accredited and affordable MBA to position graduate students as leaders in a global, competitive environment. Students who select the HR Management route will take seminars related to HR administration, staffing, training, talent development, employee relations, and organization analysis.

Tuition: $3,006/yr

For more information: North Carolina A&T State University

2. Fort Hays State University

MBA with Concentration in Human Resource Management

Fort Hays University - Human Resources MBA

Educating over 13,800 students, Fort Hays State University is a comprehensive four-year public institution conferring campus and online degree programs from its rural campus in Hays, Kansas. In the College of Business & Entrepreneurship, the MBA offers a Concentration in HR Management. Students can choose to obtain the 34-credit, affordable masters degree fully online or in a flexible campus format. The U.S. News and World Report distinguished the Fort Hays MBA as the country’s 74th best online MBA.

Tuition: $3,094/yr

For more information: Fort Hays State University

1. Fitchburg State University

Online MBA in Human Resources Management

Fitchburg State University - Human Resources MBA

Topping our list with the cheapest in-state graduate tuition of just $3,006 per year, Fitchburg State University is a four-year public higher learning institution serving over 3,500 students from its compact urban campus in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Available fully online in just 17 months, this affordable HR Master’s degree is designed to develop HR managers who are socially responsible and sensitive to cultural diversity in the workplace. Students can receive life experience credit to waive certain foundation courses in the 54-credit program. It’s been honored as the 126th best online MBA program nationwide by the U.S. News and World Report.

Tuition: $3,006/yr

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Why Get a Human Resources MBA?

Earning an MBA in HR is smart to open potentially lucrative upper-level management jobs in coordinating an organization’s workforce. According to the BLS, the average human resources salary for MBA graduates is currently $114,140! However, you’ll first have to pay your dues for this sizable six-figure income by affording an accredited human resources degree. Tackling rising MBA tuition costs can be a challenge, but there are many top business schools that are keeping their programs accessible with below-average prices. Get the best bang for your buck by investing in one of these 50 affordable Human Resources MBA programs.

HR managers typically work within a corporation or organization to handle the following tasks:

• Recruiting and hiring new staff members
• Setting up training programs for new hires
• Providing guidelines and guidance on corporate policies as they affect employees
• Ensuring compliance with all state and federal employment regulations
• Designing a performance review and salary recommendation structure
• Managing benefits to include vacation, sick time, insurance and leave
• Providing recommendations regarding team building, enhancement of employee morale and general corporate culture to create a more positive working environment for all staff members

The coursework required for a typical human resources MBA may include classes in some or all of the following areas:

• Accounting and corporate finance
• Ethics
• Operations management, including supply chain management
• Statistics and economics
• Teamwork and leadership seminars
• Labor relations
• Compensation theory
• Organizational structures and change
• Human asset management

Finding an affordable Human Resources MBA program can help students achieve their goals in this fast-growing and well-paid field.

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