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Thomas Edison State College was founded in 1971 and established during 1972 within Trenton, New Jersey. As a public higher education institution, the College was named after Thomas Alva Edison, a forerunner in self directed learning. Thomas Edison State College pioneered an innovative adult learning environment through on-campus and online education programs based in rigorous and competitive curricula. The College has a tradition of offering academic excellence, educational integrity, and a high quality, flexible learning environment. Thomas Edison State College’s Masters of Science in Human Resource Management (MSHRM) program is one of the best paths for candidates seeking the qualifications to advance to careers as human resource professionals within the field.

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The program is based upon intensive research combined with the best academic credentials and practices available today. The MSHRM program combines state of the art technology with highly accessible, student paced, full or part time studies. Students gain theoretical knowledge through classroom experiences as well as practical knowledge from simulations, workplace experiences, and case studies necessary to effectively organize and manage organizational talent. Graduates from the College’s MSHRM program advance to positions within the global business industry with the skills, abilities, and knowledge necessary to leverage human capital as strategic leaders in the field.

Application Requirements
– Completion of the admission application
– Official Transcripts from all attended colleges and universities
– Two letters of recommendation
– Current resume identifying all work experiences and acquired skills
– Personal essay including a statement of background as well as personal and career aspirations
– Completion of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university
– GMAT, MAT, or GRE Scores (optional)
– TOEFL scores for students whose native language is not English
– Payment of a $75 non refundable application fee

Tuition is based upon the number of courses students participate in within an academic year and is available in the following options:
Comprehensive Tuition Plan for full time students who enroll in up to 36 credits within a 12 month period and includes all education related fees except textbooks. Tuition for New Jersey residents within this plan is: $5,322. Tuition for non-residents within this plan is: $7,837.

Enrolled Options Plan for part time students who enroll in less than 24 credits within a 12 month period and does not include all education related fees. Tuition is based upon a per credit system and includes education related expenses except for a $272 graduation fee. Tuition for graduate level degree and certificate programs is: $550. Additional fees apply for non-residents, course materials, books, supplies and other education related expenses is not included.

Financial Aid
Thomas Edison State College offers a number of financial aid options to graduate students who demonstrate need and eligibility. Financial aid options include:
Federal Loans
– Subsidized Stafford Loans
– Unsubsidized Stafford Loans
– Federal Grad Plus Loans
Private and Alternative Loans
State and Federal Grants
– Federal Pell Grants
– Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants
– The Larraine R. Matusak Endowed Scholarship
– The Julia Cadiz Negrón Endowed Scholarship
– Pruitt Endowed Presidential Scholarship

Veteran’s Benefit Programs
– Yellow Ribbon Program
– Active Military Scholarship
– Dependent Spouse/Veteran Military Scholarship
– Wounded Warrior Military Scholarship

Additional Financial Aid Options:
– Financial Aid Consortium Agreements
– Financial Aid Non-Tax Filing
– Income Reduction Form

The Masters of Science in Human Resources Management program at Thomas Edison State College provides students with a versatile understanding of all functions of global businesses with specialized studies necessary to effectively manage, develop, and apply strategies to increase organizational performance, cultivate employee talent, and enhance professional development on personal and organizational levels. Courses include : lifestyle benefits and compensation in the New Millennium; strategic recruiting, retention, and succession planning; intellectual capital; the effectiveness of a market connected culture; managing the human resources enterprise; human resources as a strategic partner; the legal and ethical environment of human resources; and a capstone project.

Graduates who complete studies within Thomas Edison State College’s Masters of Science in Human Resources Management program advance to a number of positions within private or public organizations with valuable knowledge and specialized expertise.