How Can HR Hiring Managers Work With Temp Agencies For Recruiting?

Temporary staffing services can be a great alternative to standard recruiting practices for hiring managers who want to find the best candidates. While some industries frown upon using temp agencies to aide with recruiting, many rely heavily on the services that agencies can offer on a short-term or even long-term basis. Hiring managers who are looking for efficient ways to recruit top talent can utilize temp staffing agencies in the following ways:

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The Right Company Can Help with Fast Hiring

More and more qualified job seekers are looking for jobs that offer the flexibility or the ability to work independently as a freelancer. Since many traditional jobs don’t offer the flexibility that modern job seekers are looking for, it can at times require more attention and more of an effort to find talent for a position.

Hiring managers who are finding it difficult to recruit for a specific role should consider turning to a valuable resource which is often called a temporary staffing agency. Companies that are finding it difficult to fill a position could be operating on a skeleton staff that leads to lost business, employee turnaround, increased wages in overtime, and lost efficiency. When managers team up with temporary recruiters, they can shorten the hiring process by allowing the firm to pre-screen and qualifying candidates so that the manager can stick with interviewing.

Deciding on the Best Type of Openings for Less Risk

Hiring isn’t only expensive, it can be extremely risky. The risk is exponentially higher for organizations that are small in size. Add in the fact that the average cost to hire an employee, also known as the cost-per-hire, is $4,000, according to Glassdoor for Employers, and it’s easy to see why organizations are looking for better ways to find talent.

One way that hiring managers are able to mitigate the risk as best as possible is by enlisting a temp agency to fill openings. By working with a good temp agency, managers are able to pinpoint which type of position is best while they are passing on a huge portion of the risk to the agency assuming it. There are three types of positions: temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire. Each comes with different levels of risk that affect the cost of the service. Staffing companies with good reputations are able to assume liabilities for companies and match the best service.

Dealing With Ebbs and Flows in Business

Many companies in various industries have a unique need for a workforce at certain times of the year without requiring permanent, full-time employees year-long. When there are peak periods throughout the year, managers are able to call recruiters through temp staffing agencies for help.

These positions may be set up on a temporary basis or a temp-to-hire basis, depending on what the workload projections are for the upcoming year. It is a great way for managers to ensure the company is running productively without hiring too many staff members when there are ebbs.

Many small companies can save money on the recruiting and hiring process by augmenting their workforce with a temp agency. Hiring managers who are bogged down for time can leave the important steps in the recruiting process for themselves and let the agencies handle the paper pushing and legalities. This is how temporary staffing agencies can be valued as an asset.