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This is a list of the 50 most affordable human resources programs available at small colleges. “Small” for the sake of this article is defined as under 3,000 undergraduate students. The benefits of a small college are many and include strong relationships with professors, more individual attention, and smaller class sizes. Most small colleges are pricey private schools, but all the schools on this list have a tuition under $30,000 per year, and the cheapest are under $10,000. This list features a wide variety of schools, including private liberal arts schools, public universities, religious and non-sectarian institutions. Each entry lists the school, its location, a link to its website, a short description, and the tuition. The tuition posted here does not include room and board, travel, or living expenses, because those can vary from person to person.


Data was gathered from IPEDS College Navigator and from individual school websites. Our initial pool of 194 institutions consisted of:

1) Accredited institutions offering a bachelor’s degree in human resources
2) Schools having enrollment of 3,000 or fewer undergrads

From these, we narrowed the pool to the 50 institutions with the lowest 2014-2015 tuition and fees; they are presented here in descending order of tuition and fees, with the least expensive school occupying the #1 spot in our ranking.

Human resource professionals walk a fine line as they are the custodians of both the company and the employees. Human resource professionals are involved in the hiring and firing processes, mediation between employees, mediation between the company and employees, labor relations, maintaining a safe work environment, and maintaining compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. Depending on the size of the company, an HR job may include one or all of the above roles. Regardless of what role you envision for yourself, there is very likely an HR course of study listed here that will be exactly what you need.

#50. University of Mount Union

Alliance, Ohio

Bachelor’s in Human Resource Management


The University of Mount Union was founded as a Methodist liberal arts college in 1846 on the principle that all persons could study there equally regardless of race or sex. To this day the school champions diversity and strives to prepare students to lead lives of meaningful work and responsible citizenship. These admirable values make it a great place to earn a degree in human resource management. The HRM program offers shadowing and internships, among many other hands-on opportunities that will allow students to gain real experience before entering the workforce.

Tuition: $27,990

#49. Aquinas College

Grand Rapids, MI

BSBA in Human Resources



Aquinas College is a Roman Catholic university affiliated with the Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids. The university strives to be an inclusive educational community that is firmly rooted in the Dominican tradition. Aquinas is a liberal arts school that prepares students for their careers by training them to be leaders while prioritizing service to their fellow man. These principles make the human resources program a great choice because the school’s values line up perfectly with the values of a strong human resources professional.


#48. Judson University

Elgin, IL

Bachelor’s in Human Resource Management



Judson University is an Evangelical independent Baptist liberal arts university named after Adoniram Judson. The school has 1,113 undergraduate students, and the student to faculty ratio is 10:1, with 62% of classes containing fewer than 20 students. The school is active in the city of Elgin and seeks to instill in its students principles of Christian citizenship within local communities. The HRM program is designed to prepare students for a long and successful career in human resources, and for the SHRM professional certification exams.

Tuition: $27,530

#47. Dordt College

Sioux Center, IA

BBA in Human Resource Management



This college is closely tied to the Christian Reformed Church and features 1,300 students. The school offers over 90 programs of study, fourteen of which are offered through the business school. One of these is a concentration in human resource management. The school allows students to double major in multiple business areas, and thus students can pair a human resources degree with another area of study, making them more versatile in a competitive marketplace.

Tuition: $27,460

#46. Lipscomb University

Nashville, TN

BBA in Management, Human Resources



Lipscomb University is a small Protestant Christian liberal arts university affiliated with the Churches of Christ. It’s one of the larger schools on our list at 2,890 undergraduate students, but the student to faculty ratio is lower than average at just 12:1. While the school states that 33 distinct religious preferences are represented among the student body, it is likely that most of these are various Christian denominations. All full time students are required to take Bible classes and attend mandatory chapel services twice per week. Students can earn a fairly standard HR degree by majoring in business administration and choosing the management, human resources focus.

Tuition: $27,390

#45. Briar Cliff University

Sioux City, IA

BA in Human Resource Management



Briar Cliff University is a Roman Catholic university of the Franciscan tradition. Some Roman Catholic universities only retain a loose tie to the values of the order that founded them, but Briar Cliff remains very connected to their tradition through the presence and sponsorship of the Franciscan Sisters and the Diocese of Sioux City. However, the school also states that it appreciates diversity and holds respect for each person, regardless of religious differences. The HRM program at the school reflects these values well, teaching students how to handle work environments with diverse religious and cultural backgrounds.

Tuition: $27,202

#44. Mount Mercy University

Cedar Rapids, IA

BBA in Human Resource Management



Mount Mercy University is a Roman Catholic liberal arts university that was founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1928. Originally a women’s college, the school became coeducational in 1969 and is now comprised of a population 71% female and 29% male. Of graduates over the past three years, 95% are employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation. The business school that houses the HRM program is AACSB accredited, and the HRM program is endorsed by the Society for Human Resource Management. The program also is designed to help prepare students for multiple human resources professional certification exams.

Tuition: $27,010

#43. University of Dubuque

Dubuque, IA

Bachelor’s in Human Resource Management



Dubuque is a Presbyterian university affiliated with the Presbyterian Church USA. The school’s student population is 1,559. Founded in Dubuque in 1852 to train ministers, it still maintains its seminary to this day. Human resource management is one of many majors offered at the school, and the program is designed to develop in students a high moral and ethical character, which is an essential quality in an HR manager.

Tuition: $26,950

#42. LeTourneau University

Longview, TX

BSBA in Human Resources Management


Longview, TX: LeTourneau University photos taken in April of 2013

LeTourneau is a non-denominational Christian university founded in the 1940s on the campus of an abandoned army hospital with the intent of providing education and training to returning veterans. The HR program at LeTourneau is about more than just personal success for its students. The program recognizes that teaching students to help employees be successful will lead to the student’s own success in whatever company with which they work. Human resources is about people and the roles they play in the company for which they work, and at LeTourneau, the focus of the HR program is to teach students how to maximize the potential, performance, and well-being of their employees.

Tuition: $26,910

#41. McKendree University

Lebanon, IL

BBA in Human Resource Management


General campus photos. Web banners, building exteriors, redo older photos, spring colors.

McKendree was founded in 1828 by pioneer Methodists and values its historic ties to the United Methodist Church. The school’s connection to the Methodist church is historic, but the university prides itself on being inclusive of people of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds. The HRM program has been recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management as meeting its standards for HRM education. The program will prepare students for life in the career of human resource management, and will also prepare students to pursue graduate work in HRM or related fields.

Tuition: $26,900

#40. Notre Dame College

South Euclid, OH

Bachelor’s in Human Resource Development


nd college

Notre Dame College (not to be confused with the University of Notre Dame of Fighting Irish fame) was founded in the Roman Catholic tradition by the Sisters of Notre Dame in 1942. The college was initially a women’s college but began to admit men in 2001. The human resources development program is grounded in the liberal arts, with the aim that students will be able to critically analyze HR systems and situations, and create a safe, positive working environment in their company.

Tuition: $26,844

#39. Cardinal Stritch University

Milwaukee, WI

BS in Management with Certificate in Human Resource Management



This program is designed for adults that want flexibility, but prefer a face to face learning experience. Classes happen one at a time, and are five weeks long, meeting one night per week for four hours, and then scheduling a student group session once per week, also for four hours. This may be a bit intense for some, but is a good option for those seeking a face to face and collaborative learning environment. The management program and HR certificate are designed to ground students in the business and human resources fundamentals that will apply in most companies and non-profits.

Tuition: $26,570

#38. Hastings College

Hastings, NE

Bachelor’s in Human Resource Management



Hastings College is a private liberal arts institution affiliated with the Presbyterian Church USA. The school was founded by a group of Presbyterian women and men in 1882 as a coeducational university devoted to strong academic and spiritual education, and retains those values today. One of the great things about this HRM program is that the school allows students to double major if they wish. This gives students an opportunity to learn HRM, and also study another field to which they can then apply their HRM knowledge. This sort of versatility can come in handy in an increasingly competitive job market.

Tuition: $26,280

#37. Carlow University

Pittsburgh, PA

BS in Human Resource Management and Technology



Carlow University is a Roman Catholic institution founded in 1929 by the Sisters of Mercy from Carlow, Ireland. The school was originally a women’s college but began to admit men in 1945. To this day the school maintains a strong commitment to women’s education, and the student population is 91% women. The HR program doesn’t just give students the skills necessary to practice human resources, but to design a human resources system from the ground up — an important skill, especially for entrepreneurs or those looking to work with startups.

Tuition: $26,178

#36. Avila University

Kansas City, MO

BA in Human Resources



Avila is a Roman Catholic university that bills its HR major as one of the top such programs in Kansas City. The program featured here is an Avila Advantage program and is targeted at students 23 and older with life commitments and responsibilities that can make earning a degree difficult. The program is designed to be as flexible as possible, and even gives students the ability to start, stop, and restart the program as needed. This is an incredible option because one of the main obstacles for many people looking to complete their degree online is the natural unpredictability of life.

Tuition: $25,700

#35. Geneva College

Beaver Falls, PA

BS in Human Resources



Geneva College is a small Presbyterian school with just 1,700 students and a 13:1 student to faculty ratio. The HR program at Geneva is designed to give the student options upon graduation. While the program trains students to fulfill the job of an HR generalist in an organization, capable of taking care of any primary HR task, graduates will also be ready to take on HR management duties. Geneva is a Christian university and strives to integrate biblical principles into everything the school teaches.

Tuition: $25,220

#34. Kansas Wesleyan University

Salina, KS

Bachelor’s in Psychological Services, Human Resources Concentration



Kansas Wesleyan University is a small school with just 710 undergraduate students. The school was founded in 1886 and is to this day affiliated with the United Methodist church. The student to teacher ratio is 14:1, and the average class size just 16 students. The HR program at Kansas Wesleyan picks up on a modern trend, tying the HR program to a degree in psychological services. Businesses are integrating more psychology into human resources because it is a powerful tool that allows companies to optimize the performance of individuals, while not sacrificing their psychological well being.

Tuition: $25,200

#33. Concordia University-Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, MI

BBA in Human Resource Management



The BBA with a concentration in HRM program at Concordia is a quality program designed to provide students with a top of the line business education and prepare them for either graduate work or immediate entry into an HR job. Concordia is affiliated with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. The student to faculty ratio at CUAA is 11:1, which means students will experience a very personal education, with ample opporunity to build relationships with professors and fellow students.

Tuition: $25,160

#32. Daemen College

Amherst, NY

BBA in Human Resources



Daemen College is a four year non-sectarian liberal arts college. The school was founded in 1947 as a women’s college, but this quickly changed and the school graduated its first male alumnus in 1960. The program offered at Daemen is a BBA program with a specialization in human resources. The program is accredited, as is the business school, by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).

Tuition: $24,990

#31. Brenau University

Gainesville, GA

BBA in Human Resources Management



The HRM program at Brenau is designed to position students to effectively evaluate the relationship of employees to the company, and make decisions in the best interest of both parties. Understanding the role of each employee and the strengths each position within the company requires is an important part of human resources management. Brenau was founded in 1878 and is a private, non-sectarian liberal arts university. The school still maintains its devotion to the education of women through its women’s college, though in 1960 the school began to enroll men.

Tuition: $24,780

#30. Huntington University

Huntington, IN

Bachelor’s in Human Resource Management



Huntington University is closely affiliated with the Church of the United Brethren in Christ. The United Brethren are an Evangelical Protestant church with roots in the Mennonite community. Because of its Christian worldview, Huntington seeks to present all education through the lens of Christianity, and thus students should be aware that they will find Christian principles throughout all classes in each curriculum. The HRM program offered at the school is a degree completion program for students that have at least 50 hours of college credit already. There is also an online option available.

Tuition: $24,771

#29. Friends University

Wichita, KS

BBA in Human Resource Management



Friends University was originally built as Garfield University in 1886 but was gifted to the Quakers in 1898. Though it has left behind the Quaker religion to become a non-denominational university, academically the school retains its Quaker values. The HR program at Friends has been endorsed by the Society for Human Resource Management, one of just 116 worldwide to bear such an endorsement. The school is committed to preparing students to enter the field of human resources immediately upon graduation, in any industry.

Tuition: $24,630

#28. Silver Lake College of the Holy Family

Manitowoc, WI

BS in Human Resource Management


silver lake

Silver Lake College of the Holy Family is a Roman Catholic University of the Franciscan tradition. As its heritage is Franciscan, the school is focused on being a force of compassion and peace in the world. Human resources is a great field for those concerned with the welfare of their fellow man. As an HR representative you represent the interests of the company, but the company succeeds when people are working in a safe, inclusive environment. The HR program at Silver Lake will teach students how to balance these factors as an HR professional.

Tuition: $24,350

#27. MidAmerica Nazarene University

Olathe, KS

BBA in Business Psychology



This degree is part of a growing trend of using psychology in business, particularly human resources. The goal of this program is to help students understand the nature of the synergy between a business’ employees and the finances and operations of the business. The program blends business and behavioral science courses to help students understand the uniqueness of individuals and the impact that has on job performance and other matters. This program is ideal for people looking to do graduate work in human resource management or organizational psychology.

Tuition: $24,250

#26. Grand View University

Des Moines, IA

BBA in Human Resource Management



In this program students will complete a full business administration curriculum with a concentration in human resource management, with the option of earning an additional professional certificate in human resource management. Grand View University is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Though the school is associated with the ELCA, it welcomes people of all religious and cultural backgrounds. The university makes a concerted effort to ensure that an inclusive environment is fostered on campus.

Tuition: $23,628

#25. Thomas College

Waterville, ME

BS in Human Resource Management



Thomas is a business and liberal arts college founded in 1894 as a nonsectarian coeducational career school. The human resources program at Thomas offers students the opportunity to take a wide variety of courses in addition to the human resources core, allowing for a high level of customization within the degree. The school has a 15:1 student to faculty ratio, and the average class size is only 18 students. With just 1,200 undergraduate students, Thomas is a ideal place for students who want to establish good relationships with their professors.

Tuition: $23,460

#24. Bluefield College

Bluefield, VA

BBA in Human Resource Management



Bluefield is a small Christian college in Virginia located not far from the West Virginia border. With a student population of under 900, it is hard to find a more intimate setting for learning. The student to faculty ratio is 11:1. The management degree is designed to prepare students to go into a wide variety of management fields, including human resources. 99% of students receive some form of financial assistance. The school is affiliated with the Baptist denomination, and so students should be aware that the school places an emphasis on integrating biblical values into its classes.

Tuition: $22,840

#23. Charleston Southern University

North Charleston, SC

BBA in Human Resource Management



This school was founded as a Baptist college in the 1960s and remains affiliated with the South Carolina Baptist Convention. The goal of the school is to become renowned for integrating faith and learning, and thus students should be aware of the school’s strong emphasis on biblical principles in all of its classes. The HRM program is composed of 125 credits and requires a minor. The school uses a liberal arts core for its general education curriculum.

Tuition: $22,840

#22. Fontbonne University

Clayton, MO

BS in Human Resource Management


Donors in DSAC and Chapel photos

Fontbonne is a Roman Catholic University that features an undergraduate student population of 2,098 and a remarkable 11:1 student to faculty ratio. The small size of the school enables students to form close relationships with each other and their professors, and maximizes individual attention. The school was founded as a women’s college and is now coeducational with 70% women and 30% men. The HRM program is designed to prepare students to sit the Professional in Human Resources certification exam, and to either enter the workforce directly, or to continue their education at the graduate level.

Tuition: $22,770

#21. Westminster College

New Wilmington, PA

Bachelor’s in Psychology-Human Resources



98% of Westminster’s 1,400 undergraduate students receive financial aid. The student to faculty ratio is just 12:1, and 91% percent of faculty hold the highest degree level available in their field. The Human Resources degree offered here is unique, as it is offered as a psychology program instead of a business program. Students can also minor in human resources, allowing them to take other business-focused courses in addition to this degree program. This program is designed to prepare students for graduate work in either organizational psychology or human resources management.

Tuition: $22,560

#20. Trinity Washington University

Washington, DC

BSBA Human Resource Management


trinity washington

Trinity Washington University is a Roman Catholic university and a historically women’s college. The School of Arts and Science is still exclusive to women, and while men may enroll in the other schools, the total enrollment of men is only 8%. The Human Resource Management program is offered through the School of Professional Studies and is open to both men and women. Students graduate prepared to take the Society of Human Resource Management Assurance of Learning assessment and later, once work experience is required, the Professional in Human Resources examination.

Tuition: $22,316

#19. Midway College

Midway, KY

BA in Human Resource Management



Midway College is a part of the Disciples of Christ, a denomination with a Congregationalist structure that is a part of mainline Reformed Protestant Christianity. The school does not require students to take Bible classes for the human resource management program, and the curriculum is student centered. Midway is a women’s day college, meaning men may take night classes and weekend classes, but the on-campus student population is women only, as are the traditional classes that take place during the day.

Tuition: $22,300

#18. Tennessee Wesleyan College

Based on updated information received after publication, TWC has moved from #18 on our list to #12.

#17. Urbana University

Urbana, OH

BS in Business Management



Urbana University’s student population is just over 1,700 students, and that’s perfect for this school’s philosophy. According to the university, they are big enough to offer students cutting edge programs and technologies, yet small enough to foster close relationships between students and faculty. The BS in Business Management program at Urbana encompasses management as a whole, with an emphasis placed on human resources courses, in addition to schooling students in the necessary skills to be competent in most management positions.

Tuition: $22,012

#16. Southern Adventist University

Collegedale, TN

BBA in Human Resource Management



This small Seventh Day Adventist university prides itself on its Christ-centered culture. The school is a devout SDA school, and it’s important for prospective students to be aware of this, and certain of their comfort in that environment. Like the rest of the programs at the school, the BBA in HRM program is infused with the religious teaching of the university, in addition to the professional education offered in the program. This is because the school believes in a holistic view of education, and that spiritual and intellectual development cannot be divorced from each other.

Tuition: $20,240

#15. Oakland City University

Oakland City, IN

BSBA in Human Resources



Oakland City University’s business school features international professional accreditation through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). The IACBE seeks to be a leader in mission-driven, outcomes-based, programmatic accreditation. This private, Christian liberal arts college is located in the southwest tip of Indiana, and features an average student to faculty ratio of just 14:1. The human resources program is designed to provide students with a strong fundamental understanding of the field with the added perspective of the Christian principles..

Tuition: $19,800

#14. Cleary University

Howell, MI

BBA in Human Resource Management



CU’s human resource management program is designed to allow students to master one of the specialized areas of the field, which include: compensation, benefits administration, labor relations, and recruiting. However, Cleary University also recognizes that in today’s market there is often a need for a generalist, someone with sound knowledge of all HR roles, and so the program makes sure not to neglect that training. The program also works on developing in students the necessary business knowledge, technological and interpersonal skills for the HR field.

Tuition: $19,200

#13. Faulkner University

Montgomery, AL

BS in Human Resource Management



Faulkner University’s College of Business and Executive Education offers a unique HRM program designed for those who already have a degree, or have earned credits toward a degree. It’s a one-year intensive program that will allow students to transition from other fields of study or professions into the HRM field. The program uses a blend of night classes and online learning to maximize the time of students already busy with life and their career. Pricing may differ from the school’s average tuition, so make sure you talk to an admissions counselor about cost.

Tuition: $18,750

#12. Lourdes University

Sylvania, OH

BS in Human Resource Management


lourdes ohio

Lourdes University is a Roman Catholic university in the Franciscan tradition. Part of the mission of the university is to, according to the model of St. Francis of Assisi, act as instruments of peace and goodwill in the world. The HR program reflects these values, and equips students with the tools necessary to do their jobs professionally, but with an added eye for the care and well-being of their fellow man. The school has been named to The Princeton Review’s “Best in the Midwest” category for 12 years running and has received numerous plaudits from other organizations as well.

Tuition: $18,353

#12. Tennessee Wesleyan College

Athens, TN

Bachelor of Management Excellence in Human Resources Management



With just 1,100 students and a 16:1 student to faculty ratio, TWC is a great school for students looking for a personal educational experience. The Bachelor of Management Excellence in HRM is an accelerated completion program designed for non-traditional learners. The program uses the hybrid traditional and online format for maximum efficiency, while still maintaining a format conducive to group learning. The degree can be completed by most students within 15 months, and you will be in the same cohort of students for the entire program, allowing you to build relationships and network along the way.

Tuition: $18,000

Please note: Based on updated information received after publication, TWC has moved from #18 on our list to #12.

#11. Georgia Southwestern State University

Americus, GA

Bachelor’s in Human Resource Management



The undergraduate HRM program at Georgia Southwestern State puts an added emphasis in active learning in its quest to fully prepare students to enter the HR field. One of the key elements of the program is a strong, learning-focused internship that provides students with real world experience in addition to their classroom knowledge. This public university offers competitive tuition to out-of-state students and is situated on a beautiful campus about 145 miles south of Atlanta.

Tuition: $15,163

#10. Golden Gate University-San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

BS in Business with concentration in Human Resource Management



At GGU, the Human Resource Management concentration within the BS in Business program is composed of 33 units. Units are different than credits, and are used in many public and private colleges in California. If you are transferring credits into the program, make sure you understand how many units they convert to, and how many units overall are required for a degree. The HR program at GGU is primarily focused on employee care. This is the most common HR position in the business world and is incredibly important, because the satisfaction and well-being of employees can make or break a company.

Tuition: $14,640

#9. Peirce College

Philadelphia, PA

Bachelor’s in Human Resources Management



Students of the Peirce College Human Resources Management program gain the benefit of a program grounded in essential business principles, preparing students for the challenges of the human resources profession. Students will be equipped with a solid foundation in the business law and ethics required for success in their future roles. The human resource management degree is also offered online, an option that allows students to maximize their efficiency no matter what their life demands.

Tuition: $13,800

#8. Ottawa University

Ottawa, KS

BABA in Human Resources



This program is a degree completion format that offers flexible online learning options for busy professionals or students that want to work while they complete their degree. The tuition is competitive, and the program is designed to be as flexible as possible, not just in terms of scheduling but also in terms of transfer credit. The credit transfer policy allows students to transfer in up to 80 credits, and also has methods for translating professional experience into college credit. The degree can be completed at each student’s own pace, from any location with an available internet connection.

Tuition: $11,670

#7. Trine University

Angola, IN

BBA in Human Resources



Many people imagine that human resource administration or management degrees lead to a job resolving disputes between employees, or between employees and the company, including hiring and firing. But Trine recognizes that while these are perhaps the most common roles, there are several others for which to prepare students. These include positions such as: recruiter, labor relations, job placement, policy development, and occupational safety.

Tuition: $10,080

#6. Doane College

Crete, NE

Bachelor’s in Human Relations



Human Relations programs such as the one at Doane offer a unique perspective to future HR professionals. The emphasis of Doane’s program is on multiculturalism, professional ethics, and the development of counseling skills. Students are thus prepared for a wider range of applications, including working with businesses, non-profits, and charitable organizations.

Tuition: $9,520

#5. Dickinson State University

Dickinson, ND

BS in Human Resource Management



Dickinson State is a public university located in North Dakota. The Department of Business Management at Dickinson State University offers several degree programs, including the Human Resource Management degree. In our diverse global business world, human resource managers must find the balance between optimizing for productivity and creating a welcoming and safe environment for all people. Dickinson State’s HRM program trains graduates to understand and foster this balance throughout their careers.

Tuition: $8,495

#4. Baker College of Owosso

Owosso, MI

BBA in Human Resource Management




Baker College has numerous campuses across the state of Michigan. The school offers both online and traditional classes, though its primary focus is online programs. The Human Resource Management program is not limited to the Owosso campus, so don’t hesitate to contact multiple Baker campuses to find the option that best suits your needs. Through this program you will learn to attract, motivate, and retain quality employees for your company, while matching them to jobs for which they are best suited.

Tuition: $8,280

#3. Granite State College

Rochester, NH

BSBA in Human Resources Administration



Granite State College is one of those quietly groundbreaking small colleges. GSU is a public college where the tuition for out-of-state students is only $700 more per year than it is for residents. The school also offers a massive selection of 28 online bachelor’s degrees, of which the Human Resources Administration program is one. This program is offered both online and in person at a very competitive tuition rate. The HR program at Granite State is designed to educate students in both the human and business sides of the profession. Students take numerous managerial courses designed to help them develop the strategic skills necessary for success as a human resources administrator.

Tuition: $7,785

#2. Amridge University

Montgomery, AL

BS in Human Resource Leadership



Amridge University is an independent Christian university that enriches students’ spiritual lives as well as their professional ones. While the school has Bible majors, and recommends taking Bible electives, students are not required to major or minor in Bible. While students might not have to take Bible classes, they should be aware that all programs, including Human Resource Leadership, are taught from a perspective grounded in the principles of Christianity.

Tuition: $6,900

#1. Brigham Young University-Hawaii

Laie, HI

BS in Business Management–Human Resources and Organizations Behavior


byu haw

BYU Hawaii is designed to foster an international, multicultural environment where students can learn to be global leaders. The school is an extension of BYU’s main campus in Utah and has a student population of about 2,500. The Business Management program has four tracks, of which Human Resources and Organizations Behavior is one. The program is designed to prepare students for working in an international setting, whether it be with non-profit organizations or multinational corporations. Each degree at BYU emphasizes ethical, moral, and spiritual enrichment in addition to passing on the fundamentals of the discipline.

Tuition: $4,940

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